Friday, January 18, 2013

Off To The Pediatric Surgeon!

Despite my son being 5 foot 9 and over 200 lbs, he is under 18.  With that in mind, we have an appointment with a pediatric surgeon in Orlando today at 10:15.  I should know shortly if another surgery is required, or if this is a simple issue that a saline flush and maybe a stitch or two should heal.  Of course, I prefer the second option, but I have an overnight bag packed for him (but I forgot about me...sheesh, I should get on that!) and I am grateful that Mr. R is "home" (on a delivery in Orlando, but home for the weekend).  I allowed Missy and Bucket to stay home from school today because that was easier than dealing with who was going to pick them up (I need my car today) or if anyone I knew would even be available to get them. 

My faith grows stronger and stronger each day; and to be perfectly frank, my faith in people diminishes every day.  I woke up this morning to a filthy dining room that no one could be bothered to clean despite the fact that I worked all day and then made a meal for 6 people.  My sister decided to pick a fight with my daughter over facebook posts and the two of them are arguing over me and through me.  The husband got mad at me last night and left for his Orlando delivery hours before scheduled because being around me is apparently abhorrent.  Sometimes I'm amazed that I managed to raise some of the most selfish people I know, but then I think, well, that must be my fault, right?  I am the primary parent.  And then of course that makes me feel bad.  The clothes I folded out of the dryer that I told the boys to put away?  On the couch.  With both cats napping on them, which means they're now covered in cat hair. 

I just think, if I knew someone who had just had a miscarriage, who was trying to work, who had an ill son, who didn't have a husband around....I would be over at her house doing some dishes and making dinner.  Whatever happened to that?  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the prayers, and thanks for telling me you're "thinking" about me.  Thoughts don't get dinner on the table.  Thoughts don't pick kids up from school.  I am just as guilty of doing this, and this entire experience over the past few weeks has really spurred me to consider doing more when a friend needs me. 


mozgirl1 said...

Wishing your son a speedy recovery and peace for you this day

Cheriz Angel said...

It really does always feel like that saying "when it rains it pours." I don't think other people being inconsiderate reflects on you, especially when it comes to teenagers. If I were in your situation I would hit the eff it do it yourself point; clearly your more patient than me! I really hope everything gets better and settles down for you. Maybe you can find time one of these weekends to get away by YOURSELF and find some type of release. :) said...

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