Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ten Things I'm Grateful For Today!

I am not taking a picture today.  I went to bed without taking a shower last night and I am Miss Greasy Head.  Maybe another day.  But I woke up feeling great, and so happy and content, that I just had to share!

1) I am happy that Mr. R and I splurged on a solar panel for our home and we have unlimited hot water.  I cannot WAIT to take a long, hot shower on my lunch break today!

2) I had a conference for Bucket yesterday.  And while I am not a fan of the school system in my area, I met a few dedicated, concerned teachers yesterday who truly seemed to care about my son.   I never felt that way when he was in middle school!  I am hopeful that high school will open many doors for him.  He has a new "case manager" who helps all children on the autism spectrum, and we traded emails and she invited him to a special club on Mondays for the spectrum kids to hang out and make friends.  I hear all they talk about is video games.  LOL.

3)  I am grateful that I have both short and long term disability so that I can take time off next summer to be with my new baby!  I had such crappy jobs when I was pregnant back in the 90s that I only took three or four days off before I had to go back to work.  Right now, I'm planning on at least two months off, and I'm hoping I can go for three, but that depends on how Mr. R's job is doing next summer.

4) I am grateful that the decaf I bought seems to be doing the trick.  While I'm still tired from both being pregnant and going cold turkey off caffeine, at least I still get to have my tradition of a warm cup of joe in the mornings.

5) I am grateful I woke up to a rainy morning.  I just love rain.  It makes my house feel cozy and precious.  I am pretending it is 50 degrees colder than it is, and that it's actually snowfall outside my window.  A girl can dream.

6)  I am grateful for the 24 hour Christmas music station on my cable.  I'm jamming to "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" as I type this.  I love Christmas music!

7) I am grateful for a 15 year old boy who found me falling asleep on the couch at 8:30 last night, made me go to bed, and then cleaned the kitchen for me (although not perfectly.)  He knew I needed some sleep!

8) I'm grateful that I'm making onion encrusted chicken strips tonight.  It's like grown up chicken nuggets and I love them!  I'm also very grateful that I feel capable of eating again.  Being hungry and being disgusted at food at the same time really stinks.

9) I'm so incredibly grateful to a sweet husband who calls me several times a day to ask me how my sugar levels are, how my back feels, if I've had a nap, and if I'm eating right.  I'm sure it's the pregnancy hormones, but I'm just so in love with him right now.  I get weepy even thinking about how much I adore this man.  I'm so sappy, I can't help it. 

10)  Very grateful that I don't suffer from hyperemesis like Duchess Kate!  I can't imagine being so sick that I end up in the hospital.  I did have a friend who had it as well and she was so miserable.  And also thanks to Duchess Kate for taking the heat off me; more people care about her baby than mine! 

And that's it...what are you grateful for these days?

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