Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sleep Is My New Best Friend.

I don't want to hurry this pregnancy up because I know it's a blessing and "everything in it's own time"....but I'm ready for the second trimester and all the energy it brings.  Because I am pooped and don't feel like doing anything but lie in bed, snooze, watch Food Network and snooze again.  I can barely keep my eyes open these days!

I'm squinty because the sun is super bright on this warm December morning.  82 degrees. 

I'm wearing my teal/aqua strapless Goodwill find, with a black wrap top, my Target flats and my handmade necklace from Natalie.  I did my make up, but these pics don't really show it.

Oy, I'm blind.  Last picture!

Today I am 7 weeks pregnant.  I feel fine except for my extreme tiredness.  I even missed a few hours of work last week due to me clocking out exactly at 4pm and not working a bit over to get to 40 hours.  I'm sleeping past my alarm, clocking in late, taking naps on my lunch break, clocking out early, and taking another nap.  My mattress is going to have a dent in it from my butt being on it all the time!  But if this is what Baby needs to grow into a strong little person, then so be it.  Thank goodness I have older children who don't need me to helicopter parent them all the time!

According to the internet, this is what Fergus looks like right now:

Wow!  How amazing is this?!?!  I have my first ultrasound on December 11th, very much looking forward to it.  Of course, it's way too early to find out the sex of the baby, but I should get to see the heartbeat and take measurements.  How exciting!

Now, since I am still Sarah, what has been on mind lately?  Clothes.  Namely, maternity clothes!  The last time I was pregnant, it was 1998.   My style has completely changed since then.  I wore jeans and shorts, tee shirts, and sneakers.  I can look back at that and wonder how in the world I managed to do that in the hottest parts of the summer in Florida.  It has to be brain can't even wrap around wearing jeans in Florida in July when pregnant!  I just bid on a denim skirt on eBay, hoping it will fit.  If not, they easily sell again.  Other than that, I intend to live in maxi dresses for the entire summer.   I own three maxi dresses already, all Target.  The solid purple, the blue print, and the black and white print.  I also own a red Target maternity dress, too.  *** oooh, just remembered the aqua dress I wore today, that's a good maternity dress too****  I think I just need to pick up three more dresses and maybe a few maternity tops to wear with the denim skirt, and I should be set.  I really don't want to spend a ton of money on maternity clothes.  I definitely want to get one black dress.  Other than that, I'll be looking for sales and I don't really care what color(s) the dresses may be.  I also need to get a couple of pairs of "nice" flip flops, meaning no squeaky rubber soles or bought in a WalMart for $3.  I will have to research this, but I want a small wedge heel and a decorative thong.

Things that bug me right now:  Underwear.  Mine are the devil.  They ride up, they bunch up, they twist.  I told Mr. R that I wanted to throw every pair of underwear I own right out.  Every time I move, they do not stay put and I keep having to tug them back into place.

Also have been going through my closet and getting rid of my more "corporate" items.  Cotton wrap button ups to wear under a suit?  Buh-bye.  Anything resembling a pant suit?  Outta here.  I am keeping my purple corduroy blazer only because I changed out the buttons and put sparkly daisy buttons on it, so it doesn't look corporate anymore.  Not sure I'll get much use out of it this year, seeing as by the time it gets cold, I will probably be in my second trimester and not able to button it, but that's ok.  Also keeping my cardigans because a lot of maternity dresses are sleeveless and I will still wear cardis over my dresses, just not buttoned all the way. 

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