Friday, November 30, 2012

I Swear I'm Not Complaining....BUT!

Wow.  WOW.  All I have to say is, being pregnant at 37 is A LOT DIFFERENT than being pregnant at 22!  I mean, I was tired back then, too.  But I swear I have yawns now which could dislocate my jaw.  As soon as I get up, I am plotting the next time I can lie down!  I think I probably say this every Friday, but I have never...and I mean NEVER...looked forward to a Saturday morning as much as I have this past week.  If anyone wakes me up tomorrow morning, I'll end up in jail, because I will kill them.  Yes, I will.

Besides, being utterly exhausted, this little one has decided s/he doesn't like caffeine.  I'm telling you, if this little one wasn't already inside me, I'd wonder about his or her background.  How can a child of mine not like caffeine?  My ob told me to cut caffeine, I'm sure expecting me to make a big deal out of it.  I already have.  Fergus (my name for the baby until we know what s/he is) made that decision for me.  I have switched to decaf, and I'm sure it is adding to my sleepiness!

I also am having trouble wanting food.  Mr. R has purchased protein shake mixes for me because I can't hold food down in the morning.  By noon, though, I am ravenous and have a very good hearty lunch.  I'm trying to cut my carbs due to my diabetes, so I am grilling lots of chicken, with veggie sides.  Normally I like eggs but the smell gets to me right now.  I also keep bacon on hand to nibble, and sharp cheese.    I also put grilled onions on practically everything.  Due to these changes, I am losing weight, not gaining.  My ob says that it's perfectly fine considering I'm starting this pregnancy as a large woman anyway.  In fact, she says there is a very good chance I will finish this pregnancy weighing less than I started, and that Baby should still be quite healthy.  Of course, I haven't met with the high risk OB yet, and I'm frankly not looking forward to it.  I am really hoping that visit doesn't suck the joy out of this pregnancy.  I realize doctor visits and ultrasounds are always a part of a high risk pregnancy, but still.  I want to be happy!

Other things that are weird:  certain parts of my body have already turned into a darker color than usual.  I just had to wax a mustache which suddenly showed up on my face.    My hair is disgustingly oily, when it's normally coarse and dry.  My skin is also oily, so I have basically given up on make up except on Sundays when I wear it just so I don't scare the littles in Sunday School.  Only another month and I'll be in the second trimester...hopefully my skin will get back to normal and I'll be back to my perky self!


Kelly said...

I love love love all these symptoms.....they make me happy. You are growing a person :)

I'm sorry you're exhausted and feeling yucky though :(

Sounds like you will be suffering from SONS for a bit (Sudden Onset Nap Syndrome).

I hope you get to sleep and sleep and sleep tomorrow :)

Sarah R said...

SONS!!! LOL...oh I love it. I'm stealing it. Thank you for the giggles!