Sunday, December 16, 2012

Crap on a Cracker

I am so sorry, I have just not been in the mood for much.  The murders in CT has made me terribly, terribly sad.  Even if I wasn't pregnant right now, I know I would be in tears over the senseless tragedy.  I have a tree finally, and I put up the lights.  Then I stopped.  The kids don't seem to care much.  I am almost done with my Christmas shopping, just Missy is left.

The weather doesn't help.  Tomorrow's high is 82.  I have a hard time feeling Christmasy when I am still wearing tank tops and flip flops.  I am craving chocolate right now, but too tired to drive anywhere and we have none in the house (trust me, I looked.)  Over the weekend, I suffered from a painful lump on my right labia (sorry if TMI) which was so enormous that I had trouble walking or sitting.  I actually felt it burst while I was driving, and it was filled with blood.  I'm still swollen but it's gone down quite a bit and I can sit comfortably now.

I am almost over this constantly tired feeling, and I'm grateful for it.  Yesterday I took a nap which felt great, but I didn't today because I had so much to do.   My hair seems to be recovering from the constantly greasy feeling, and Missy took me to get a hair cut last week for Christmas.  I haven't taken a single picture of myself since, although the cut is very nice and I should.  I didn't make it to church last week or this week; between feeling awful and trying to catch up on so many chores, it just didn't happen.  But I am looking forward to our beautiful Christmas Eve ceremony next week.

I'm sure I'll get some pictures in this upcoming week.  Be patient with me.  Being old and pregnant is harder than I thought it would be!


Jill said...

Consider yourself lucky to not be dealing with 12 degrees and 3 feet of snow

Sarah R said...

I don't know...that sounds fun and a nice change from hot steamy Florida! Especially if I got some hot chocolate out of the deal! :D