Sunday, September 2, 2012


Despite the appearance of a new skirt (Merona, brand new with tags still on, but found at Goodwill for $5 about two weeks ago)  I am not a happy camper right now.  I just don't feel well.  I'm not sick; no fever, no coughing or sore throat.  I just feel run down, tired, and slightly nauseous.  No, no, not pregnant.  At least, if I am, I am less than a week and I pray to God above that I wouldn't already be feeling nausea at this early a stage.  But I'm sure you can tell, I'm just not myself in these photos.

At first I had on a pink top, but my husband told me I looked like a marshmallow peep.  I appreciate him telling me when my outfit is off, everyone.  But this black top doesn't fit quite right.  If you look closely at the bust, my breasts are larger than the seams, making me look very top heavy (which I am.)  The lace collar is lovely, the 3/4 sleeves are my favorite, but I am too boobular to wear this top.  I'll be passing it on to Missy, who is about two sizes smaller than me in tops.  Darn shame, it's a cute top.  Oh, I also bought that top at Goodwill, about three years ago, for $3.

See?  Seams are not right.  Oh well, I tried.

It looks better from the back.  Oh, and wearing my pink Avenue sandals, too.  Isn't the coral color of this skirt sweet?  When I came home from church, I took off the black top, and put on a gray tank top.  Am I the only person in the world who feels that coral is such a versatile color?  Or is that just because I live in Florida?
I came from home church, put on my gray tank, and fell asleep for three hours.  Why, I don't know.  I slept fine last night, from about 11pm to 7:30 this morning.  Mr. R took the boys to go swimming, while I slept and Missy went to her boyfriend's house.  I woke up to find the boyfriend sitting on our couch watching cartoons and eating a bowl of cereal.  I'm about to start a load of dishes and try not to throw up.  This nausea is awful.

I have tomorrow off work, but I have to bring Mr. R to his truck because he has a load to go to New Jersey.  He's been  home for over a week (most companies don't dispatch drivers during hurricanes which are fairly local) and now that the hurricane is mostly absorbed into the midwest, he'll be leaving, and I have a feeling we won't see him again until October.

I'm over my hair.  Mr. R insists that I continue to grow it out, and I just become unhappier with it.  I did another olive oil rinse and I thought my hair looked great until I took a self portrait:

Flyaways, gray, flat top.  I can't think of one positive thing to say about my hair.  I do, however, like how blue my eyes are, plus my eyebrows look decent.  And pardon the front door; it was my attempt to spray paint it a new color.  I'm very over the pale blue door.  I  keep pinning pictures of short hair on my pinterest board, and I so want to just take one of the pictures and plop myself in a chair for a few hours!
How carefree and happy this seems!
But I'd have to start wearing make up, more than I do now.  Not sure how I feel about that.  Maybe I'll enjoy it?
Oh, and this color.  How fun would that be?
So anyway, as you can see, I'm quite restless these days.  My hair is bugging me, I am playing with more make up, attempting to get back into a work out and Atkins diet plan again, plus starting to plan for Christmas already.  No wonder I'm uncomfortable.  How are you all these days?  Hopefully more comfortable than I am!


Jill said...

Sorry you are feeling so ill!

Jill said...

Sorry you are so ill!