Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Prodigal Blogger Returns

Well, that little cold I complained about last Sunday turned into full fledged ickiness which caused me to miss an afternoon of work.  It took me until nearly Thursday to recuperate, and then Mr. R came home and caught it.  He's back on the road in Houston, I am feeling much better, with only an occasional cough to remind me of my troubles.  Both boys always managed to get sick, but Missy never caught it.  I'm assuming it's because she is never home.  The girl is a senior in high school, and has two jobs: Burger King and a babysitting gig.  She has more cash than I do!  Anyway, I got dressed and went to church today.  It is still very hot here in Florida, mid 90s.  So while the rest of the country is starting to wear long sleeves and boots, my perpetual summer continues.

Your eyes have not deceived you.  I cut my own bangs.  Yes, I did.  Merona dress bought off eBay for under $10.  Modified by  me (I added a snap to the top.)

The incredibly uncomfortable, yet really adorbs Bongo wedges.  $10, KMart,  April 2012.

This purply wine color is so saturated and gorgeous!  And wrap dresses are so good to me, figure wise.  I love the cinched in waist without needing a belt.

The silver flower necklace is from JcPenney...I bought it in December 2011 with a gift card and a coupon, so it was under $20 for me.  It came with earrings which I lost.

Love my church! Can't wait to see those adorable kids.

Close up of the bangs.  I got lots of compliments on the bangs today.  I'm still bored with my hair.  Sigh...shoulder length brown hair with, how interesting.  Zzzzzz....


Cheriz Angel said...

I like the new bangs. If you are bored with your hair try something subtle like lighter or darker streaks.

Sarah R said...

Thanks Cheriz Angel...I may go that route. Since I work from home, I can go as simple or crazy as I want with color. You've got my wheels turning!