Sunday, July 22, 2012

Uneventful Busyness

I can truly say I missed you all.  Last week was challenging.  I worked full time, trained a new employee, and worked with a special needs student at VBS.  I left VBS early on Friday night even though I was supposed to help take down decorations; I had mentally and physically had ENOUGH.  I was in bed by 9pm and didn't wake up until 9:15 Saturday morning, and I think I only woke up because I had to pee really, really bad.

Then I cleaned my house all day Saturday, because I hadn't cleaned in a week.  There was not a single clean dish, laundry piles were taller than I am, and literally nothing was in it's place.  It was great being able to spend a day at my own pace, putting my home back together.  Weeks like this remind me of why I love being a stay at home mom....even though I do work full time, I truly love my modest little home and am so happy to be able to care for it.

I took Friday afternoon off because I took Missy to take her senior pictures; the thought of my baby girl being an adult in a year is really throwing me for a loop.  It's fun to watch her make adult decisions, and driving, and that kind of thing.  I can't believe her childhood is nearly over.  Where did it go, I sometimes wonder?  Well, her pictures didn't take very long, and I got my jury duty check, so we headed over to Goodwill.  She found quite a few very nice tops and I found this dress:

Lane Bryant dress, size 18/20 (a bit big on me, but I love the colors!)  Purchased for $5.99 on Friday 7/20, at the Goodwill in Orange City, FL with my daughter!

I'm wearing a black cami from WalMart, a flea market necklace I bought for $2, and my trusty ol Target flats purchased in 2010 for $6.88.

You're darn tootin I'm proud of this find!  And check out the sleeves on this dress; I believe it's called "kimono"; despite the fact that it was 96 degrees today with 85% humidity and a 107 heat index, I was comfy in this dress because the sleeves were nice and airy.  And's RED!!!

You can see the line of my cami under the dress.  I didn't notice that when I was leaving the house.  I'm kinda sad now, it doesn't look as cute. 

I also bought a brown dress, purchased for $5.99, which I will debut sometime this week, I'm certain.  And a cute ruffly tank which is a citrusy green color (but it's not quite lime, I'm not sure what color it's called!).  It was a size 3x which is normally way too big for me, but someone must have dried this tank into oblivion, because it fit me just fine.  Then I went to WalMart today after church with the kids to buy the Three Stooges dvd, and I found a white ankle length skirt for $14.  Last one in a size 20.  Normally I can buy a 16/18 at WalMart but the next size down was an 8 and that was certainly not going to happen.  They also had the long skirts in a delightful coral color and a denim-y blue.  I may go back to get those last two colors.  I just really love a long skirt/pretty tank or top combo with a pair of sandals here in Florida.  I'm modestly covered but not overheated, and that is a big deal for me!

"Should I make broccoli or green beans for dinner tonight?  Sigh, I love them both."


Cheriz Angel said...

Cute dress. I don't have any luck with my local thrift stores, which is the Goodwill chain. Plus they charge ridiculous prices too. Anything that has a name brand, such Lane Bryant or Old Navy, they charge a minimum of $10 regardless of the condition of the item.

Sarah R said...

Ugh, that is such a bummer! All "casual" dresses are $5.99 at my Goodwill, no matter the brand. They do charge more for prom dresses and wedding dresses, but honestly, I never look at those anyway! You know, I hear a lot of bloggers sing the praises of Old Navy, but I only have yoga pants from them. Never really had much luck with them. Have you?