Sunday, July 15, 2012

Giving It Another Try

Back when I was doing my 30 Days of June Dresses, I wore an aqua tank maxi sundress which I proclaimed as future maternity wear.  Well, today was scheduled to be a gloomy day, and I wanted to wear something bright and cheery to church.  Enter the Goodwill purchased dress, but with a twist:

First, here is how I wore it in June:

I wore this on June 26th.
So I decided to try again, this time trying it with a wrap top.

Much, much better!  I'm wearing my necklace by friend Natalie, aqua wrap top, my Goodwill dress, and Avenue metallic sandals.  I am pretty sure this entire outfit cost me under $50.

And even though the booty is plentiful, I didn't feel obscene at church.  

Uhhh, so, how are you guys.  I haven't posted in a week.  Nothing wrong, just working.  I did train a new employee on Wednesday.  As you can see, the hair is growing incredibly quickly.  Mr. R wants me to grow it back out; I am drying to cut it all off again.  Missy has her senior pictures to take on Friday, I'm doing VBS all week, and we have another birthday coming up in our house.  Missy will be 17 in two weeks.  Ai yi yi!  Such a busy time of year!


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Sarah R said...

I love it much, much more than wearing it by itself. So much that I am considering making my way to WalMart to buying a few more dresses; they had a lot in stock last time I was there!

Anonymous said...

OH COOL! our wally world has nothing but teen stuff :(

Sarah R said...

Try going online, there is a good selection and they have 97 cent shipping which is hard to beat! And if you don't like it, you can return it to Walmart even if they don't carry that particular item there.