Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 8 of June Dresses; Goodbye, Middle School.

So today was the last day of school; as of today, I have three high schoolers.  I find this amazing.  I can't possibly have three high schoolers, because I just graduated myself.  *ahem*  I took all three kids, plus Missy's boyfriend, out for pizza.  I actually feel a bit sick right now; cheap pizza is good for teenagers, not good for mommas.  I need to go back on Atkins.  I feel like 20 pounds of poo in a ten pound bag.

These Merona faux wrap dresses are some of my favorites.  I have about five or six of them, in a size 1, and I love them all.  This one has seen better days.  But the shape is so good, I keep wearing them. 

Mama had pepsi!  Let the craziness begin!  I do believe that's also a Merona tank.  And I'm barefoot again.  Florida in the summer = no shoes.

My arm rolls have grown more rolls.  It's really time to start doing some arm strength training.  Those flaps are eventually going to catch wind and take off.
I have a busy day scheduled for tomorrow.  I'm going to a book signing at my local bookstore for an autism book.  I tried to buy it today but they're not on sale until tomorrow.  I've never been to a book signing before...I hope it's fun!

Flea market necklace for $2.  it's a pretty bluish-purply-black color.  I don't wear it often, because it's actually kind of itchy.  But it's pretty!

Playing with the features on the program for my camera.  Oooh, slightly blurred and black and white.  How artsy!


Anonymous said...

lol you need to get behind the drums and jam out because you rock in that color :)

Sarah R said...

I do like purple. Those are my husband's drums, and most of the musical equipment behind me belongs to my son. Musicians = lots of equipment.

Kelly said...

I do love the Merona line. I've never shopped for clothes at Target before your thanks for that :)

I think you should do WW with me. You can eat some carbs that way, or anything else you want to eat.

I love the windows in your dining room!

Sarah R said...

You can't see all the holes in the wall from us trying to figure out how to dress those windows, either!
I do like the idea of WW...Missy is going to be starting pastry school next year and how in the world am I going to avoid eating her work?
Plus I really, really like fruit.