Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 7 of June Dresses: Figured Out That Self-Timer!

Well, don't I feel accomplished.  I managed to take these pictures while I was on hold with an insurance company, in less than ten minutes.  Multi-tasking?  Yes, please!

I know I said I wouldn't wear this dress again unless I was pregnant.  Well, I am retaining water and feel like crap.  It'll have to do.

It's like wearing pjs.  Soooo comfy!

Target dress, which used to be a maxi, bought in 2011 for $6!  Blue stone necklace, also Target, about $12.  Bought on the same day as the dress.  Matchy-matchy.

Another day of crazy rain; tomorrow is another one.  I sure am glad; three days of rain, plus a tropical storm, and we're still in a drought.  There are no puddles, the ground is soaking up all this moisture.  Unfortunately, it's making me sleepy!

I generally don't wear shoes or makeup while I'm working at home.  I mean, I'll wear socks or slippers or something if it's cold.  But it's not.  I have the AC on, plus an extra fan on me.  Lord, I don't know what I'm going to do living in this swamp when I hit menopause.  I already HAVE hot flashes.  I'm afraid to know how much worse it can get.

Look at how fast the back of my hair has grown already!  What a mop!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, wow your hair is going to be long again soon.
Blue looks great on you..

Anonymous said...

shut up girl you aint 37 ! I thought you was about 26 for real

Sarah R said...

I get that a lot, RJ. Especially when I have my kids with me. They're all taller than me. My daughter is almost 17 and most people mistake us for sisters!

Sarah R said...

I'm not sure about the hair. I like it shorter like this, but the husband really does not. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Im with you, I had my hair in middle of my back, now its above my shoulders, Son says I dont look normal rofl