Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 9 of June Dresses; I Mean Business

I always wear this dress when I'm trying to look professional.  As much as I like it, I've lost enough weight that it doesn't fit as well as it used to, and I should really sell or donate it.  As usual, it's Merona, which is the Target brand, but it's the size 2 in plus.  It gapes at the waist no matter how far I pull the tie on the wrap portion of the dress.  Tis a shame, it's super cute and I love it.  I guess I need to find it in a size 1 on eBay.

Wearing my red earrings, but I skipped the necklace and wore my autism pin instead.  Ended up being a good idea, because my friend brought her autistic son to the event, and at one point, he ran away from her and I caught him before he ran out the door; I know this child well and know he would have ripped the necklace right off me and I would have been not very happy.  This is actually one of the reasons why I just started collecting necklaces and earrings now; no way I could have worn them when Bucket was little. 

This dress has a built in shaper (fancy word for girdle!) built into it.  At first when I got the dress, I was not happy with the shaper.  But now I love it and wish my other dresses had it built in.  I really feel that from behind, it pulls me in nicely where I need it.  Plus, am I not having an awesome hair day?  You can't see my grays coming in, but for another rainy day, my hair looking all sorts of spectacular!

I'm wearing a red Merona tank underneath for modesty (when I was larger, I didn't need the tank, but the top of this dress now gapes open a bit and I need the tank) and my shoes are KMart...I probably bought these end of 2010.  I hardly ever wear them, and I don't know why.  They're red, super comfy, and have a moderate heel which makes them flattering, but still easy to walk in!

The autism event was at the Half Off Book Store in Orange City.  I had a really, really, wonderful time.  The author of the book was super sweet, and we clicked instantly.  We sat around and talked for quite some time; I also bought her book and she signed it for me.  Her book was about being the mother of a child with autism.  Boy can I relate.  And, I found out she actually lives in my city, so perhaps I have found a new friend!  That would be all sorts of awesome sauce.

Oh, and the bookstore has a coffee shop in it.  Talk about heaven.  Books, coffee, low prices, free wi-fi?  Just make me a bed in the corner, I never have to leave!

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you look great :)