Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 14 of June Dresses; Could I Look More Exhausted?

But there's a good reason for this tired mug.  I got up at 5am so I could take Bucket to the hospital for lab work.  Then I worked all day with no lunch break to make up for being late to work today.  Then, Missy and I babysat two kids after work; one a 14 year old girl in a wheelchair, and the other a 4 year old girl who was all over the place.  Mr. R is home, so I made homemade manicotti, and now I am sitting on facebook and blogger, completely pooped and ready to fall asleep.

Target dress, Walmart pants, and JCPenney tank.  I've worn this outfit before.  No make up, no jewelry, no stamina.  I.AM.POOPED.

WHOA...hello gray hairs on the back of my  head.  Oh, and pardon the stack of amps.  Tiger had just had his music lesson.

This is what exhausted me.  I filled each one of these with a spoon!  It took forever.  But it was worth it, I think.

Half of this pan disappeared before I got to take a picture!


Kelly said...

You need a pastry bag :)

I'd love to eat dinner at your house tonight. I am starved. My fridge is on the fritz..just the top part..the bottom freezer is fine. The stuff in the deli drawer on top of the freezer is fine..the rest..not so much. So my lovely leftovers....weren't so lovely. UGH....I planned and cooked and everything. Doug will fix it tomorrow :)

You look comfy in that outfit! I was a skirt and blouse today with a skinny belt. Wearing the skirt tomorrow, too...maybe a different blouse? Depends on how exhausted I am. I am totally exhausted this week!

D'Rae N said...

Cute dress!

For the Manicotti - Here's a tip:
Next time, take the stuffing and put it in a ziploc baggie. (doesn't have to be brand name, just one that seals close) Then snip off a corner. (make sure to not make it to big) Then put that corner into the manicotti shell and squeeze! instantly filled!