Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 13 of June Dresses: Maternity When Not Pregnant

I loooove me some Target!  So one day, I was browsing through the clearance section in what I *thought* was plus sizes.  And I found a beautiful saturated red dress with an interesting neckline.  And I tried it on.  And I loved it.  And then horrified when I realized I was not wearing a plus size dress, but Liz Lange Maternity!  Should I keep it?  Put it back?  And why the heck do stores keep maternity next to plus?  Pregnant does not equal fat, fat does not equal pregnant!

Well, as you can see...I kept it.  Shhh, don't tell anyone I'm wearing maternity and I'm not even pregnant.

I have GOT to find a place in my house where I don't have weird windows messing up my lighting!
Liz Lange Maternity for Target, size xl, bought in 2011 for under $20.  How could I not?  It doesn't scream maternity, it's a gorgeous color, it's sooo soft and look at that cowl neck!

No make up again today, although I did wear earrings. 

I'm gonna fire that photographer.

Well, my day kinda sucked.  Work went fine; but one of Missy's friends who had a baby last year is going through some baby daddy drama and somehow I managed to get sucked into it.  If there are any teenage girls who are reading my blog (I so doubt it!) please listen to me when I say, Babies are cute and lovable.  But life is not 16 and Pregnant.  Babies get sick, they don't sleep, they throw up on you.  They poop.  A lot.  Minimum wage does not go far and most teenage boys just leave because it's easier than being a daddy.  Wait.  I know it sounds ridiculous for me to say this, considering I *was* a pregnant teenager, and had my baby right after I turned 20, but I was also married and with a guy I had been with for 5 years at that point.   I know my daughter's friend loves her baby, but the girl missed out on her prom, her high school graduation, and most of her friends just seemed to drift away.  Steph is lonely, tired, and in way over her head right now.  This is something I can't fix; I can babysit every  now and then to take the pressure off, to let Steph get a shower and 10 hours of solid sleep and just a chance to be a teenager again.  But her life is forever changed by deciding to be a teenage mom.  I love being a mom, too.  But I'm glad I got to go away to college for a year, and go to concerts and vacations with my friends, and have time to be a goofball.  Those early years when my kids were small were tough; and I know part of that was because I was in my early 20s with three babies and while I was mature for my age, I was still in my early 20s with three babies!  Sometimes, a girl just wants to sleep in, not watch cartoons, and go on a date with her husband, but I didn't get to do that.  And I'm not even the drinking/party type, but I know what it's like to want to do something but can't because it's the baby's nap time, or she has a fever, or you can't afford tickets to a show because diapers and wipes cleared out the bank account.  I KNOW!


Jennifer M. said...

Now this is the type of topic you should be blogging more about! You've got such a great perspective since you've been there and are now older and wiser. ;P

Sarah R said...

Yeah, but remember, teenagers know more than I do. ~eye roll~

RJ said...

Ravishing red..

Cheriz Angel said...

lol I have done that at Target too in the maternity section. It doesn't help that the maternity section is just as small as their plus either. It's a cute dress though, and at least no one can tell it was a maternity dress. The whole teen mom thing, I think in part that starts with parenting in the first place. I don't know your daughter's friend's situation, but so many parents are in denial about their kids having sex that they fail to attempt to get their children on birth control or even discuss the issue with them.

Sarah R said...

Cheriz...I hear ya about that maternity section. And I'm glad you can't tell either.
As far as children being on birth control, I don't agree with it. I feel that by putting daughters on bc, it gives them license to have sex. I certainly know that is how it worked out for me as a teenager. I talk to my daughter about abstinence instead, and waiting for her husband. I pray that she listens to me. When she is 18, if she chooses to go on bc, that is her choice. She knows how many issues I've had with it in the past (blood clots, gaining weight) that my own daughter is wary of trying it.
Discussion is always a good thing; talking about sex is not something that happens once. It's a continuous process with our children.