Sunday, May 20, 2012

I'll Trade 5 Items of Clothing for ONE Kiyonna Item

And this shirt should explain why.  A beautiful cut, saturated lovely color, adorable rosettes, and super comfy fabric.  My only complaint?  It's not warm weather friendly; I sweated really bad and I probably won't wear it again until the weather dips into the 70s.  It is in the 90s here today and I was very overheated; then again, I am always complaining about being too warm, and I should know better.  But I got this top on eBay for under $20 (!!!)  and couldn't wait to wear it.  But it will go back into the closet until October or so.  Don't worry, lipstick red rosette top; you will be back on my body by the holidays.  If you still fit.

Kiyonna executives, thank you for making plus size friendly clothes which don't make me feel dumpy, short, and unattractive.  I love this top!

These sweet rosettes are soooo adorable, I didn't even wear a necklace.

I must be more adorable than I thought; my son came over to hug me and I didn't even force him or bribe him with Pepsi!
Still loving the hair, by the way.  Bucket wouldn't leave the back of it alone while we were at church.  Actually, I am quite sore from church.  He was being hyper and literally bounced for the entire hour.  On me.  Or next to me.  Or into me.  I'm sure I have bruises.  Sitting next to him is like a full contact sport.

I would have rather worn a black skirt with this, or maybe even denim or khaki for a more casual look, but I don't own one.  I really just don't like pants.  I never did buy the palazzo pants; I just feel ridiculous.  I.  LIKE. SKIRTS.  Anyway, the top is Kiyonna, the pants are Walmart (2010?) and my Trotters shoes.  Lane Bryant stretchy bracelets and earrings, and I bummed to report that one of the bracelets broke in the car on the way home from church.
Missy took a picture of my feet and said, "Mom, your toes are ridiculously stubby." I have the smallest feet int he house, by far.  I am wearing a type of oysterish white color on my toes; I wanted to do a french pedicure but *someone* went into my bathroom, took my supplies, and now can't find them.  So this is the pedicure I ended up with, which I guess looks ok?  These are my Trotters shoes because I couldn't find one of my favorite black flats.  I guess even Mom needs to clean her room.

The bracelet closest to my fingers is the one that broke.  Pooh.
So, I'm on my way to a graduation pool party now.  Missy's boyfriend's Mom (phew!) just got her GED, and she's in her 40s.  I'm so super proud of her, and very happy too; it is NEVER too late to learn and be motivated!  She's planning to go to nursing school in the fall.  I doubt I'll be posting swimsuit pictures on here anytime soon, but I guess we'll see.  Have a blessed Sunday, peeps!


RJ said...

Sarah, you look so beautiful

Sarah R said...

Why, thank you! :D