Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Don't Make Me Hurt You

So this week has been one of those weeks where it is probably a good thing I work from home, and no one can see the crazy woman I truly am.  One, I'm incredibly glad that my coworker is back from Hawaii and I can catch back up on my own work.  Two, there are only TWO weeks left and the kids are done with school.  I've never in my life been so happy that Missy is a licensed driver;she can take both boys OUT with her, like to the movies and to the library and maybe even the beach if she ever gets brave enough to hop on the interstate.  But let me tell you, I have talked to some really not-so-smart people on the phone.  I have to share; I couldn't make this up if I tried.

Me (calling an insurance company):  "Hi, I need to see if there is an authorization on file for this patient to come in for a nephrectomy."


Do you know what a nephrectomy is?  I realize I may have the upper hand here since I've worked in the medical field my entire adult life.  It's the removal of a kidney.  Kinda a big deal.  Let's continue.

Young Thang Answering Phone At Insurance Company:  "I'm sorry, there is an auth on file, but it's not for a nephrectomy.  You need to call the pcp (your main doc, if you didn't know that term either) and have them start the auth right away."

Me (thinking this chick sounds younger than my own 16 year old daughter, and wondering if she is really qualified to be answering phones and dealing with people's sensitive health information):  "So there is an auth on file, and it's for the same date, and the same doctor, and the same hospital?"

Young Thang:  "Yep!"

Me (again, I'm such a quick thinker!  lolololol):  "Can I ask what the auth is for?"

Young Thang: "It's for a removal of kidney, not a nephrectomy!"


Me:  "A nephrectomy IS a removal of a kidney."

Young Thang:  "Are you sure?"

Me:  "I'm really, really sure."

Ahem.  Let me also state: by telling this little story, I am in no way breaking any HIPAA laws.  No patient names or birthdates were mentioned.  This is more of a story about inefficiency and inadequacy.  So no comments about HIPAA, k?  Oh, and that's HIPAA.  Not HIPPA.  Just so you know.

Other things that drove me crazy this week?  Getting a phone call from Bucket's teacher telling me that he's failing language arts because he refuses to do his essays.  Why?  Because he thinks the subjects are stupid.  Plus he says with it only being two weeks left, he can slack off and still pass.  This drives me INSANE.  I have no idea where he gets this idea from!  Mr. R and I are hardly slackers?  These kids saw me BUST MY BUTT for over three years getting my degree!  They see me work from home and know I work hard!  Where this lazy good for nothing attitude comes from, absolutely befuddles me!  Right now, it appears Bucket may not make it to high school.  And honestly, I'm FINE with that.  I wonder if he's emotionally ready for high school anyway.  But when he found out he might not make it to high school, and end up in middle school for another year, the kid completely flipped his gourd.  There was screaming.  Crying.  Definitely snot.  Oh, the snot.  But imagine the mad giggling that consumed me when his teacher called to say that Bucket showed up with his essay completed.  Every gray hair on my head = being the mother of Bucket.  Yes indeed.

Other things going on in my life which I haven't mentioned:  I have jury duty on June 11.  The very first day of summer break!  I have to call on Sunday night to make sure I am still needed, but I had to use one of my pdo days to do jury duty.  And, I had to cancel Bucket's appointment with his psych doctor because of course that was the day I had scheduled it.  So now I'm having to use ANOTHER pdo day, and had to bump his appointment to June 22 instead. 

PDO is a weird thing.  Hospital employees are required to use 140 hours of pdo every year.  Unfortunately, they count the beginning of the year right before Christmas, so I've already used up days for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day.  Plus remember I was on vacation in Tampa the first week of January for Mr. R's vasectomy reversal.  So I'm down to 93 hours.  I get emails monthly urging me to take my pdo before the holidays.  But I have a hard time giving up my pdo!  I love looking in my little bank and seeing that time sitting there; in case of emergencies, that sort of thing.  I've been saving this pdo for YEARS.  It's probably been there for at least 7 years!  Well, last year when I did my benefits, I decided to wipe out my account and get that money on the last Friday of 2012.  I am keeping only 60 hours in my bank, instead of the nearly 160 I normally keep.  So I know I'm getting a huge payout in December 2012!  I initially did that because I was really hoping that we'd have a new baby in December; so far, it's not even looking like we will have one for February, either.  It's a lot easier to get pregnant when your husband is home, you know?  Poo.  But anyway, I have to use 140 hours during the year, and that money do you not get to keep, you lose it.  (only after you take the minimum pdo do you get to roll money over) Plus, I earn 4 hours of pdo every two weeks!  So I've got to use this time up.  I'm not giving money back to the hospital, it's mine and I earned it!  So I have June 11 off for jury duty.  And if I'm not needed, I'm still going to take the day off.  I have June 22 off for Bucket's appointment.  Then I have July 5 and 6 off, for no particular reason although it is Bucket's 14th birthday on July 5th.  Then I have August 3-6 off, because it's our 18th wedding anniversary and we were hoping to get away again.  Plus I have the entire week of August 20th off for Bucket's transition to high school (which now may not be needed.)  I still need to take about 20 more hours after that if my math is correct.  I may request Thanksgiving; I've never had Thanksgiving off!  In fact, I normally work the Friday just because I don't do Black Friday sales and I hate giving up that pdo. 

For anyone curious about the baby situation:  There is no baby yet.  Mr. R's schedule, since February, so far has had him gone every time I'm ovulationg.  Apparently, this month seems to be no exception.  He was supposed to be home today; he's still in NJ stuck with a broken something-or-other.  This would be a very good time for him to be home.  Cough cough.  If he makes it home by Thursday, this month could still be a go.  If not; well then.  I guess we'll have June.  One thing I am trying to think about; I kinda don't want a baby in May or June.  Not because that wouldn't be lovely, but next May/June, my lovely Missy will be graduating from high school.  And I don't want to steal her thunder.  I want it to be about her, not her new baby brother/sister. 

So, I've done a lot of rambling today, and I have no pictures.  Maybe tomorrow.  Don't forget, 30 Days of Dresses in June is coming up!!!


Jennifer M. said...

Wow lots to talk about in this post! Lol.

First of all… imagine how many procedures don't get put through because the (sounds like a) 12-year-old on the other end of the line doesn't understand medical jargon? SO LAME!

Secondly… having returned to college myself this year, I'm realizing that a vast majority of the younger students have a "just need to pass" mentality, rather than a "need to do really well" mentality. Not sure if this is a generational thing or just a lack of life experience thing. Hopefully your son will find himself a goal to strive for - that does wonders for motivation.

Thirdly… how did I miss that you're trying to get pregnant? That's so exciting!! Best of luck to you!

Sarah R said...

Jen; I know, I had a ramble a bit there, didn't I? And I've noticed that with all of my kids, that all they care about is passing, not excelling. Which drives me bonkers.

And yes, we're trying to get pregnant! We didn't do the vasectomy reversal because we were! Unfortunately, he did not make it home in time, so I'm guessing February is out at this point. Pooh.