Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beryl Brouhaha

So far, this has been the lamest tropical storm ever.  The power is still on, I haven't eaten any Cheetos, and in my pictures, you can see it's bright and sunny enough for me to still be Miss Squinty Face.  I hope this thing picks up tonight; we could really use the rain!

Navy blue swing skirted dress; I bought it from Ross in 2010.  It's a size 20 petite; I didn't think it would fit since I'm not short enough to be a petite.  But this is one my favorite dresses to wear; I love the navy blue, the cut of the shoulders which allows a regular bra, and the length to my knee.  I also love it because it was $12.99!  I am wearing a striped Target tank which I picked up for probably under $10, I think in 2010 or 2011.  Red wedges are old, but a favorite; I have probably had them since 2006.  And a new item; my necklace which I won on  I ordered the red necklace with matching red earrings, and this is the first time I've worn it.  The necklace is very heavy but I love the large stones.  Anyway, I highly suggest checking out for their jewelry selections.  The prices are great, it's delivered quickly, and they have a lot of sales.  Go, go, go!

Yes.  Feeling sassy.  Bring on the kindergarteners!  Oh, the lesson today was on being "orderly."  The kids were not impressed.  One said out loud, "Did my mommy tell you to do this lesson?"  I spend a lot of time laughing in that classroom, I tell you.  5 and 6 year old children are hilarious!

Nutmeg says, "What tropical storm?"

Eyebrows waxed...yes!  Skin the process.  I bought the cheapie version of Mederma to lessen the scars on my chin, and I do think it's working!

I am pretty grateful to have tomorrow off.  I admit, I got selfish about it.  Was happy about having a day to relax and bbq and bake and then I saw this on facebook.  I immediately felt convicted about my attitude regarding Memorial Day.

So while there is nothing inherently wrong with baking and bbq'ing and catching up on sleep and laundry, I would publicly like to thank veterans both past and present for the freedom I get to enjoy today.  Thank you...from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you.

Last but not least; I got to snuggle with my friend's baby.

Ignore my flabby arms and check out the cute baby!  This is kids are IN LOVE with this baby.  Missy and Tiger fight to get to hold her on Sundays, and while Bucket has held back, he always talks about how cute she is and "maybe babies are not so bad."  I adore this little girl and am looking forward to watching her grow up!


Anonymous said...

You go Girl, your rockin in that dress :) Love it on you :)

Sarah R said...

Thank's a favorite for a reason, and I loved that awesome price!

Pa Ul said...

nice blog

Kelly said...

I am loving this dress on you! So flattering. And you're so pretty anyway.....and what a cutie baby :)

Sarah R said...

She is such a sweet baby; and you can tell she gets passed around plenty because she never cries when she gets a new person holding her. Of course, she doesn't care who she throws up on, either. You can't see the burp cloth in my lap, lol!