Monday, May 28, 2012

Blessed Rain!

Well, we hardly got any wind, our power stayed on, but we did get rain.  Blessed, wonderful rain to hopefully put a dent in this years-long drought!  Central Florida went through four hurricanes in six weeks back in 2004; ever since then, our area has been plagued by dry weather and wildfires.  I know one minor storm won't erase 8 years of drought, but it's certainly a start.  My grass is almost electric neon green right now, it's sooo happy!

The ground is so dry that you can see, there is not much puddling.  It's all being soaked up.  We have a fairly large front yard; we have four sego palms and a magnolia tree in the front.

The plants in front of the window are called Indian hawthornes.  They bloom beautiful white flowers.

I hear this is called a "puddle."  Looks like someone tripped on that brick, better get out there and fix it before someone breaks a toe!

And since I'm sure he would loooove for me to share this picture:  It's Bucket, sleeping on the sofa, with Missy's cat Nutmeg snuggled up next to him.



Jennifer M. said...

I know this probably will sound lame, but I've always thought it would be interesting (maybe even fun?) to live through a Florida storm. Sounds like this one isn't that spectacular, but some of the larger ones just fascinate me. Potentially have your house destroyed probably isn't awesome, but storms in general are so interesting to me. Anyway… that's all. ;)

Sarah R said...

They can actually be fun! Now, I don't want to go through four hurricanes in six weeks again, but we always break out card games and candles and have a blast. Plus we bbq in the garage, if the power goes out. We never lost power for this storm, which is a blessing; the temp never dropped below 85 which is weird for a tropical storm. I am grateful for the rain, and honestly we could use another one!

Kelly said...

So glad you got some rain!!

This weekend I've been wishing for storms. It's in the upper 90s and 90% hot hot! Our a/c...yep....not working UGH. This humidity is so incredibly painful for me. Today it is supposed to storm and tomorrow be 78 :) This weekend....60s...just in time for the a/c repair guy to come LOL.

I hope this is the first in many rains for you this year.

Sarah R said...

Oh, so you're having some Florida weather, is what you're saying! live through it for five months and see why I complain so bitterly about summer around here! And thank you, Kelly. Besides having the rain cool it down, it does help our wildfires and fill the aquifer; all good things! Rain is a good thing!