Friday, June 1, 2012

30 Days of June Dresses; A Late Start

I normally only take Sunday shots because I have people at home.  Well, today, everyone was at school and so I thought I'd use the self timer.  Yeah, I really should read the book to my camera because every shot I took came out so blurry, that it looked like I was doing the Running Man.  So I had to wait until a child came home; it turned out to be Bucket, who hates taking pictures the most.  I had to promise him some KFC to get him to take my picture.  So he has grilled chicken, and I have a pot pie and some decent pictures.  He's finally focusing when he takes pictures now!

This is a Merona dress; it's actually the second Merona dress I bought.  Unfortunately, the first one I ever bought died a horrible death in my old dryer.  My old one was this exact shape, but in black, white and gray instead of these pastels.  But this is the dress which shook me out of my pants and tee phase; when I saw that even as a plus size girl, I could look pretty, put together and well groomed.  This is the dress that made me fall in love with being feminine.

I'm wearing it with a pink cardi which is too big on me now.  Actually, even this dress is a bit big on me now.  But I still love it.  And it's showing signs of aging; it's starting to pill and doesn't hold its shape for too long.  I promise you, I looked far more put together at 8am than I do now at 5pm. 

Is Nutmeg not the craziest photo bomber ever?  What a busy-body!  Oh, and wearing this with my old pink flip flops. 

I love dresses and skirts.  I love being a woman.  I love being round, and having breasts which nurtured children.  I love the fullness of my hips and the fact that three children passed through them.  I love that even with a shorter haircut, anyone can tell I'm a woman.  I love the feel of fabric gliding over my legs, and necklines which show off my collarbone, and a pretty necklace.  I love wearing make-up, and trying on jewelry, and wearing perfume.  I love that being intelligent doesn't negate my maternal side.  I love all things domestic; cooking, baking, cleaning, decorating.  But I will also load a gun and shoot you if you try to hurt my husband or my kids.  I take pride in my home, my family, my work.  I love that I'm able to devote time to important ministries like autism.  I love that I can squish a spider on my own, but I'll still yell for my husband to do it for me. 

Readers, what do you love about being a woman?  And how do you feel about dresses and skirts?  Are they special occasion only, or every day?  Do you really just love your jeans only?


Anonymous said...

Sarah you are so adorable :) Love that color...

Anonymous said...

rofl ON NO!
Unfortunately, the first one I ever bought died a horrible death in my old dryer.

I thought I heard TAPPS PLAYING LOL

blessings Renee

Sarah R said...

I may have played Tapps when that dress ripped on the agitator of my ancient dryer. Really. And I'm not a pretty crier. My nose gets red and there's tons of snot involved.
And thank you; still trying to decide which dress will get picked tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

rofl thats me lol

I chose a skirt :)

Living the Creative Life said...

Interesting question! I have always been a shorts or jeans girl myself. I blame it on going to a Christian high school where we were required to wear dresses every day. Lol. It has always felt very forced and awkward when I wear dresses and skirts, but perhaps I've just not found the right styles to flatter my body type. Or maybe I'm just more of a jeans girl. ;)