Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oh, The Pain

So I got snazzy new running shoes, and then hit my proverbial brick wall.  Dealing with immense pain in my left heel, I went to my pcp today to rule out anything diabetic.  Lucky for me, she thinks it's bone oriented, like a stress fracture or heel spur.  I have a script for an xray of my left foot, but didn't have time to go today and hoping I can go tomorrow on my lunch break.  The pain is so bad I can hardly walk on it.

Work has been...intense.  Unlimited overtime available due to incredibly high volumes at work.  I've taken advantage of it for the past three weeks, although not horribly so; about 3-5 hrs per week.  With adding te extra work, three things have happened:

1) I broke out into massive pimples all over my chin.
2) I started having headaches directly behind my left eye.
3) I started having my left eyelids fluttering, driving me insane because I have long eyelashes which keep poking me in the eye.

Dr. V's diagnosis?  STRESS.  Her prescription:  Take time off work.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  It's only Wednesday night and I've worked 29 hours this week, and will probably close out at around 50 by Friday.  Thankfully, Missy's drivers ed class is over so I can sleep in this Saturday, and you bet I will.  Oh...this also means that my daughter is now a licensed driver.  She is already bugging us to buy her a car.

Pictures lately are awful due to massive pimply break out.  I took pictures and hated them all:

Please do not attempt to connect the dots.

Too old for a balloon, but he got one out of the teacher anyway.

"Jesus Loves Me...and look at these guns."

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Taylor said...

Ah, stress. My right eye started to twitch on Tues... due to stress.

My husband is a runner and he had a bad stress fracture in his foot. He had to wear a boot for like 6 weeks and it's still not back to normal almost a year later.

Sarah R said...

Oh no. I so don't want to hear that (for me or him.) I know he's quite the athlete...has he done any other sports instead?