Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Post, Not A Leap Day Picture

This was taken of me last week at the Whole Foods Market in Winter Park, FL.  Monthly, they hold a gluten free casein free (or GFCF) meeting.  I go, but we currently do not have Bucket on the GFCF diet.  I don't see it happening, either.  The foods are very expensive and they're mostly genetically modified.  They do have some tasty milkshake powder, which I may start him on, because he is now diagnosed with "failure to thrive" which means he is not eating properly (I knew that, the kid eats like crap.)  Bucket eats what we call the 5 Ps:  pizza, pasta, popcorn, parmesan cheese and Pepsi.  Instead of forcing veggies into him, these shakes have tons of minerals and vitamins, and they're chocolate.  Word.  I hope he likes it.  Oh, here's me:

Doing my best spokesperson pose...what?  Don't quit my day job?
That coconut milk was not half bad.  I put it in coffee.  I normally use only half and half in my coffee, but this was gluten and I believe casein free.  And I think I need a tooth whitening.  I didn't notice until I was wearing a white shirt that I definitely have coffee teeth going on.  Ahhh, camera.  Thank you for pointing out so many of my flaws.  Mwah.  Oh, and still haven't decided what to do with hair.  Right now, it's up in a bun, and I have about 1458 barrettes in my hair trying to keep it out of my face while I work.  I look like a deranged third grader.

Anyway, this is my first ever Leap Day Post.  I started my blog back in 2008, which was a leap year, but it was October.   Oh...and in more news?  I became a member of the Board of Directors for an autism ministry group!  I'll share more as I learn more, but I'm very excited about the whole thing.  I have no idea what a Board of Directors does, but I'm willing to learn!


Jill said...

My hair is always in my face. I wear a headband all the time. It doens't look all that great but at least I don't go crazy!

Sarah R said...

Oh no. I've gone completely crazy. I even dream about hair now. I've definitely dropped my chalupa.