Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Not Sari

That I wore this outfit!  It reminds me of the lovely saris Indian women wear.  I can see why they like this kind of outfit; flowy pants, a a forgiving top?  My kind of outfit, amen.  Too bad I wasn't wearing the lovely colored silks, but instead I have black polyester pants and a striped Target dress.   But I can see trying outfits like this if I ever get pregnant.

I like black clothes, but I look tired.  And I had slept all night, promise.

Ready to head off to church!
  I swear I have make up on...I look washed out.

Wonky hair which I still haven't cut.

Much better this way, but it will fall down.

It was a long week at our house.  I had to drive to work on Wednesday due to computer issues.  While I was there, Bucket's school called me three times, and of course he ended up getting suspended and I couldn't go get him.  I ended up not getting home until 8pm, and he was nearly hysterical by the time I walked in the door.  My not being home for one day absolutely threw the boy for a loop.  He may be 13, but he still needs me at home.  Even the older two kept texting me wanting to know where I was, when would I be home...are these the same three people who ignore me constantly unless they need money, a ride, or food?  I was almost comforted by their panic.  Does that make sense?  I *AM* still needed!  By 9pm, Bucket was curled up in my lap, and telling me he was sorry, and that he missed me.

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