Friday, March 9, 2012

Is That Smoke? Because My Pants Are On Fire!

I lied.  I lied really, really, badly.

I applied for two new jobs that popped up.  One is for "practice coder" which is a beginning coding position which actually asks for the certification I have, which is a CCA (certified coder associate.) Normally, that certification is not really good enough (so I've learned) so when I saw this, I decided to just do it.  The other position is for "release of information specialist" which I'm sure has something to do with releasing clinicals to insurance companies to obtain auths; quite similar I think to what I do now, but we'll see.  I said to Mr. R, "What if I get it?  What do I do?" but I guess we'll cross that bridge if and when it comes.  I want a baby more than I want a new job; but I'm not sure how much longer I can last in this position.  I'm exhausted; not physically but my brain is just TIRED and I'm sick of the level of stress if stuff doesn't get done.  I feel like a very poorly maintained machine right now.  I've been on overtime since late last night and I could fall asleep at any minute.

I don't know if applying for any other jobs is really helpful at all.  But is sitting here complaining about the job I have now any better?


Jennifer M. said...

Definitely get out there and find a place that makes you happy! You don't want to just snap one day and go all postal on the place. Lol. It's easy to sit in a stressful situation and wish for something better. It's much braver to reach out there and try to GET to the better place!!

Sarah R said...

One job already emailed me back to say I didn't meet their qualifications (I met EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.) and I haven't heard back from the other. Believe me, it's not from lack of trying.