Saturday, January 14, 2012

Up Too Early

Thanks to Missy taking Driver's Ed for the next 8 weeks on Saturday mornings at 8am, I'm going to be up pretty early.  I dropped her off this morning; the girl is so nervous and my reassurance wasn't helping one bit.  That car accident in April tore away her self confidence, and unfortunately, I haven't pushed her to drive afterwards like I should have done.  Now she's terrified to get behind the wheel; I sure hope her teacher is an understanding person.  Driving back, two things struck me:

1) I cannot believe my daughter only has 3 semesters left to school and she graduates from high school!  Didn't I just have this child?!?!  And who said she was old enough to drive?

2) I miss my dog!  Well, maybe not exactly.  I think I miss having a dog, period.  At least dogs are happy when their owners come home.  But we're up to 5 cats at this point and unless we have another baby, I do not want anything else that poops to come into this house.  But I was behind a guy in a pickup truck driving home, and his dog had his head out the window, and I laughed.  Roscoe LOVED hanging his head out the window to catch some air.  And those long ears would flap and pop him in the face.  There is something about dogs that make you thing of simple joys.  A good meal, a warm bed, and a tummy rub is all anyone ever needs, right?

Anyway, I have a quiet house to myself for at least a few more hours.  The boys are still sleeping and Missy is at school.  I'm going to tackle the dishes; for some reason, our dishwasher isn't working properly and I just give up; gonna wash it by hand.  Glad I bought gloves!

Oh, and one last thing: my absolute confusion over Type 2 diabetes.  I've been diagnosed for over a year now, and if nothing else, it ticks me off more now.  On Thursday, I had a super healthy dinner.  Roasted chicken breast, with salad.  Absolutely delicious.  Took my meds; blood sugar Friday morning was 141.  My goal is under 120.  Last night, I had four slices of pizza, a can of Pepsi (well, half, I didn't finish it), completely forgot to take my medications, and my sugar level this morning was 132.  My numbers are better when I eat like crap.  I don't understand it!

Oh: one more last thing.  Ha!  Camera should be ready to pick up this Friday.  Hoooooray!


Jennifer M. said...

Have you seen the movie Forks over Knives?

I just watched it yesterday and it totally reinvigorated me to start eating healthy again. They had a LOT to say about how to reduce/reverse situations like heart disease and diabetes. It was utterly fascinating.

Then if you like what you see there, they have a follow-up movie where they help a couple families with how to find and make good food -- they walk them through what to shop for, all the way through to how to cook it. Very inspiring!

Sarah R said...

I may have to find that movie. The thing is, I like eating healthily. I like to cook and prepare food. I'm just still trying to find the triggers for my blood sugar spikes. It's so annoying!