Sunday, January 15, 2012


I spent most of Saturday with Bucket.  Missy was at driver's ed and Tiger was earning money by clearing out Mr. R's garage.  When I get Bucket alone, he yakks my head off about video games, girls he likes, stuff he wants.  I try to listen and not comment too often; I like that he trust me enough to talk that much.  I truly think back to times when doctors told me he would never speak, and now I can't get him to SHUT UP.

Most people would not give a second thought to letting a 13 year old boy do certain things, but I still have to think carefully about what he can do.  Yesterday, we tried two new things: I had cash to pay for fuel, so I told him to go inside and pay for it.  I told him how to walk up to the register and say "$30 on pump six."  And he did it!  I could tell how pleased he was with himself, so then I let him pump the fuel into my car.  He told me that pumping fuel was "man's work" and he did a great job.

Then we went to my mom's house later to pick up a sweatshirt my mom had ordered for Christmas for Missy; it was the wrong size so she sent it back and now it fits.  My dad was working on a puzzle and I cannot believe how quickly Bucket honed in on it.  My poor dad; he didn't get to finish the puzzle.  Bucket loved working on it and my dad, in his wisdom, kicked back and let him finish it.  I looked over and him and whispered "Sorry about the puzzle!" and he winked at me and said, "watching this is better."  Now I'm thinking I may purchase some puzzles to work on.  Tiger loved it too and here I am thinking they've outgrown this kind of thing.  Guess I was wrong!

Time for me to get ready for church; getting the boys up is like torture.  I just wanted to write this down because I had such a great day with Bucket.  He really is an awesome kid!

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