Wednesday, January 4, 2012


We are home.  The husband is doing well.  He is sitting on the couch with our two sons, watching a movie.  Missy is asleep in her room, and I am catching up on laundry, facebook and blogging.

The surgery, according to the doctor, was a success.  It took about three hours.  Three hours in which I paced, took walks, and watched the same nature documentary twice in the most uncomfortable chairs possible.  Mr. R was awake the entire time and talked the doctor's head off.  Once the procedure was completed, I was in charge of taking care of my man.  I removed his soaked gauze bandages, cleaned him up, and gave him his antibiotics.  I brought him dinner, helped him into the bathroom, and, unfortunately, held his jacket while he threw up in the bushes at our hotel.

According to our doctor, we have to wait three weeks before we "commence activity" but I doubt he'll be home.  But basically, everything is a go at this point, and now we just have to see if it worked.

Thank you for your prayers; we are both at peace with our decision to have the reversal.  I am certainly glad my hubby is not in any real pain right now, and I'm enjoying spoiling my  man.

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Jennifer M. said...

Glad he is home safe!