Sunday, January 8, 2012


I have not worked since December 30; ten glorious days which all belonged to me.  I went to Tampa, cleaned my house, slept in, ate heartily, and simply just existed.  At 5pm tonight, I suddenly got a crushing headache.  Ah, the night before work starts up again; I doubt this is a coincidence.  I cleaned my desk, threw out my 2011 calendar, and blew all the crumbs out of my keyboard.  I shredded old paperwork, wiped down my monitor, and got the coffee pot ready.  The entire time, I thought, "POOOOH!  I'M STILL HAVING FUN!!!"

Two advil down, two huge glasses of ice water later, I am feeling somewhat better but still not great.  I'm listening to the kids yelling at the TV (Denver vs.  Pittsburgh!) and the hum of the dishwasher. 

So I told you how on our very first day of vacation, I dropped my camera and broke it.  Here are the only pictures I have of our vacation.  I pulled them off the memory card.  Wish I could share more.

The most popular part of Ybor City is 7th Avenue.  It is a neighborhood in Tampa, not an actual city.

Like a lot of places in Florida, a lot of the signs were in Spanish.  I can read most of them.  I just wish I could speak Spanish!

I adore older architecture.  These buildings remind me of being in New York.  I'd love to spend more time learning about them, and touring them!

Mr. R is a cigar smoker, which I find mildly disgusting.  And since he was going through, well, SCROTUM surgery, I suppose a cigar or two was in order.

Make that more than two.  Oh well.  As long as he smokes outside and brushes his teeth, I guess I can live with it.  Blech.


Bobbie said...

I Like your new layout.

Missy said...

GAH! Headaches SUCK! That really sucks about the camera. I'd be lost with all that architecture around and no camera!

Sarah R said...

Thanks Bobbie! I just thought I'd play with it a bit, more changes may be coming. And Missy...I KNOW! Not a single picture of me and the hubs, no hotel about killed me, I swear it.