Wednesday, January 11, 2012

70 Readers!

Wow!  I checked my blog this morning and found that I have reached my 70th reader.  I am so honored...thank you for reading my humble little blog!  And welcome!

So Mr. R left this morning for a run to the Carolinas.  A perfect first run for a guy who is still dealing with some pain.  We probably won't see him for about three weeks.  Hopefully by then, he will be completely healed of any other issues.  He really has recuperated well, but still feeling some pressure and is moving slowly.  We have already "commenced activity" although it was 4 days before we were supposed to do anything.  He was insistent to make sure "everything worked" and it did, but I think that slowed down his recovery.  Of course, the day we "commenced" was also a day I was ovulating, so I'm trying very hard not to think about anything.  I promise, if anything happens, I will let you all know about it!  But for now, I'm just doing my usual; working, sleeping, eating. 

I'm still waiting on my big camera (my Canon) to get fixed so I can start taking pictures again.  I feel awkward without my camera.  I miss taking blog pictures and pics of the kids, too.  I am also bidding on some skirts on eBay so I can start wearing all these tops I keep collecting.  I must have 40 tops which I never wear because I had no skirts to wear with them.  I have also tagged some maternity wear just in case I need to start ordering those, too.  I LOVE eBay...I always struggled with maternity wear when I was pregnant 17 years ago (eeeeek!) and had really crappy clothes which I didn't like, like tapered stretch pants, huge mens tees, elastic waistband shorts and a dumpy skirt set.  Wow, maternity clothes have changed and they're not much different than what I wear now.  I am hoping that my maternity style will just rock, if the Lord chooses to bless me with a baby!  Since I live in a semi tropical climate, I am only looking at summery items.  I have found several cute dresses, but I'm not bidding on anything until I see a + on a test.  Until then, I'm not going to snag any items that another plus size lady may need.  I can be patient...perhaps!  If I end up being due in "winter" (uh today is January 11 and it's like 80 outside) I hope that I can just use my current cardigans to keep my arms warm.  I can't imagine needing a coat or anything. 

I'm also looking forward to getting to bed early tonight.  Despite the lack of "commencement" during most of our vacation, Mr. R still managed to keep me up with his constant 1)snoring 2) talking in his sleep 3) Mr. Grabby Hands (thats what I call it when he can't keep his hands to himself and he gropes me in his sleep.)  I am POOPED and I am telling you, I will be in bed by 8:30 tonight, I promise you.

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Lesa said...

Just noticed your comment on my Blessed by Three blog, I fall behind on that one. Thanks for writing. I noticed you just hit 70, I was so excited too, even though some people have hundreds...Glad it has warmed up so my family is happy again! LOL

I keep putting off cleaning my closet because it is a mess in there. I have clothes that I never wear, clothes that I forgot about because they have been pushed behind something else and clothes that I have hopes of fitting me again. I also have a lot of black that I have vowed never to wear again because we have too many pets and I always feel covered with dog fur. I too am an Ebay (and Etsy) addict.
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