Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Mr. R will be at the office having surgery in about an hour.  He is annoyingly calm, while I am about to bounce off walls.  Please be praying for a quick recovery for him, and little pain.  I do feel bad for him; I promised him, no more "scrotum" surgery!  After this, it will all be on me.

Oh...and we were having a great time in Ybor City (I HAVE to go again, it was awesome!) when I dropped my camera and broke it.  So no pictures of this historic event.  Facepalm!


Jennifer M. said...

Yikes! Praying for him.

Missy said...

GAH! A broken camera would be the death of me! :(

Sarah R said...

Jennifer: he's doing great. Kicked back on the couch watching tv with the boys. Missy: I KNOW! I wanted to cry, I wanted to take pics of this vacation/event so badly!