Saturday, December 3, 2011

I AM Thankful! Really I Am!

Normally, end of November is slow at the hospital, because who wants to have surgery over a major holiday?  Well, I guess most people didn't mind this year.  My GOODNESS I've been busy, I even worked the day after Thanksgiving and normally, that would be a half day; nope, I worked a full day and was exhausted!  So here is the rest of my list:

November 22:  I'm thankful for this wonderful house.  To many people, it would be a "starter home" but I love it's coziness.  Sure, I wish it were a bit bigger, but I know many people don't have a home, and so I am content.

November 23:  I am thankful for the doctor who will be doing our reversal procedure, Dr. Doug Stein out of Tampa!

November 24:  I am thankful for Thanksgiving!  It is truly my favorite holiday.  While I love Christmas and Easter and 4th of July, this is my favorite because I don't have to buy presents (well, except my mom, as her birthday is 11/21) and I love turkey and football.

November 25th:  I'm thankful for football!  Despite being a girly-girl (as my husband describes me, I don't really see myself as one.) I love sports!  Baseball and football are my favorite, and I am excited because Orlando is bringing a hockey team back.  I love hockey!

November 26th:  This year would have been my grandmother's 81st birthday.  She died of emphysema when I was 18 years old.  I miss her SO MUCH...she had seven children, my mom was the 3rd.  My kids would have been her first great-grandchildren.  Out of all my cousins, only my cousin Brandon has any children.  He also has three, and they're all little, under the age of 5.

This is my grandma in the mid 1940s.  Her name is Josephine.  Isn't she gorgeous?  She was a natural redhead...none of us grandchildren have red hair, it's kind of a bummer. 

November 27th:  I am thankful for layaway at Walmart and at the music store.  No Black Friday for this girl.  NO WAY.

November 28th:  I am grateful for Mr. R's job which keeps our family fed, and our lights on.

November 29th:  I am grateful for the ministry of Dave Ramsey; we are almost completely debt free and are working on building our savings!

November 30th:  I'm really glad for the end of this list.  Phew.

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