Monday, November 21, 2011

Seriously, What is Wrong With Me?

So, I've been gone for ten days.  I thought about blogging every single day, and just couldn't do it.  Been tired, aggravated, and just not in the mood.  But I'm still going to come up with *gulp* ten things I'm grateful for, right now!

November 11th...I am so grateful for troops who protect our country; past and present.
November 12th...I am grateful for weekends!
November 13th...I am grateful for my church family.  I've met so many wonderful people there who I just love!
November 14th...I am grateful for my job.  Yes, really.  I work with some very good people and I am so glad for the opportunity to work from home. 
November 15th...I am grateful for the teachers my children have.  Honestly, I wouldn't want to be a public school teacher...what a thankless job!  So I try to be gracious whenever I come into contact with those who deal with my kiddos on a regular basis.
November 16th...I am grateful for the supposed cooler season we normally it's going to be 84.  Let me get my parka.
November 17th...I am grateful I live somewhere where food is plentiful and I can choose what I want to eat.  Many people don't have that option.
November 18th...I am thankful for the salsa this lady at church makes.  I've eaten five jars in less than two weeks, and I just bought two more jars. 
November 19th...I am thankful for my children!  True, they drive me crazy and leave a whole lot of mess, but I love them dearly.
November 20th...I am thankful for music.  I love to listen to music throughout the day as I work.
November 21st...I am thankful for modern appliances which allow me to cook and do laundry throughout the day while I work.  If not for them, I'd have to hire a maid!

I'll try to do better this week...been crazy lately.

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