Saturday, December 10, 2011

Black is Slimming

I'm not as thin as these pictures make me look.  I understand why so many big girls wear black.  I look lean, taller than usual, and very non lumpy.  Still, I prefer wearing more color than this.  I was going to a church event Friday night and the room they were keeping it in tends to stay ice cold.  It was a good call, because I saw many women shivering, but I felt comfortable.

I bought this cardigan on least a year ago, and this is my first wearing.  I wasn't sure what to do with a sleeveless cardigan.  And I would not have bought it had I know it had no sleeves.  It is black and grey, and I just didn't know how to wear it.  But I like this. 

I wore shoes and socks because I desperately need a pedicure!  This is the only pair of pants I own that are comfortable.  But I don't like wearing them because they make my butt look enormous (well, my butt is enormous, so I guess that makes sense.)  The cardigan helped cover my tukkus, but didn't make me sweat.  I guess I'll keep it!


Jennifer M. said...

Interesting! I've been reading a lot about NYC lately and apparently everyone there wears black too - I wonder if this is partially why? Lol.

Sarah R said...

Yes, black is THE COLOR in NYC. I never lived there as an adult, so I couldn't say why. I don't like wearing a ton of black. I mean, I did as a teenager, but now I feel like my face needs color. I look washed up and tired when I wear black close to my face. I usually wear more make up when I wear black.