Sunday, December 11, 2011


There is a lady who is the sister of a church member; she makes THE BEST SALSA EVER.  So good that I drove to a CVS in Sanford and met her in the parking lot to exchange money for salsa.  I have it bad, what can I say?

1)  The best salsa ever.  2) I use my fancy white tea cups to hold salsa.  3) I have a Hanukkah tablecloth.  

This is what I wore to church today:

I just bought this teal maxi skirt at Avenue on Wednesday for $19.99.  Before you say, Wow, that is awfully summer for December, it was 83 today.  And I wish Avenue had ten more of these in different colors because I'd buy every one of them.  My favorite part?  A built in slip in the same color which goes to the knees.  And an elastic waist so I can eat more salsa.  The top is something I picked up at Goodwill at least a year ago.  I'm wearing a teal tank under it because you can see my bra through the lace panel, and that's just no good at church!
The kitties decide to photobomb.  Nutmeg is the one staring at the camera; she is in heat right now and driving us crazy.  She has an appointment on 12/23 to get fixed.  Cohiba is the one mooning my readers right now.

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Jill said...

There is another salsa I feel the same way about. I just want to drink it when I am at the restraunt