Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day Off

I'm more excited than a girl should be, but I have the day off today!  I was short by 7.5 hours for the year of our minimum requirement of days off.  So I was told to take today first I was annoyed because that means Thursday and Friday, I am going to be slammed.  But instead of thinking about tomorrow, I'm simply going to enjoy today!

I made a 9am appointment with my pcp.  Then I have to run down to Sanford to the cell phone store to fix my cell; I can't even begin to describe what a pain in the butt my cell phone service has been lately.  I *was* going to go to the beach, but my mind won't be able to relax knowing what a mess my house is, so instead I plan to come home and clean.  I know it's not the most exciting day off, but I will feel so much better having three major things crossed off my list; health, phones and house.  I'm also hoping to head into Avenue (a plus size store) to find a slip or some type of foundation garment.  I've got a few dresses at home I can't wear because my undergarments are not quite right and I look lumpy-dumpy.  If I can't find what I want, I'll be by the mall and stop by there.  I also want to head over to Target because I have a gift card, and I need a yoga mat.  I've been doing Kettleworx workouts and it requires being on the ground.  I have wood floors and I keep slipping, so a mat is needed.  I also want to head to the salon to get my eyebrows waxed.  With my vision, keeping them plucked is getting harder and once my glasses are on, I notice missed spots. 

Mr. R might be home again for the weekend, so maybe he will come to the beach with me.  I'd rather do that, anyway.

So as you can see, I have a very busy day planned ahead of me.  Once I get home from all this, I plan to clean my little heart out.  I'll be putting on Christmas music, and hitting the kitchen first.  I'll be doing laundry the entire time.  Should be a very productive day!


Kelly said...

Enjoy your day!

Me.....I plan to sit by a lamp all day is so gray and rainy and ugly and dark here. I'll move away from the lamp in June when it quits snowing and raining lol.

What I'd really like to do is take a walk and a nap. I need to do laundry and be ready for my weekend in Baltimore.

Anyway, enjoy your day off :)

Sarah R said...

Will you be reading, knitting, crafting? Honestly, your day sounds lovely, also. As usual, I'm busier than I'd like to be. I rarely just "rest." A lesson I need to learn.

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Is it beach weather this weekend, LOL?

Hope you enjoyed your day off!

Sarah R said...

It should be beautiful at the beach this weekend. No rain, about 75 out. I love Florida winters!