Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gratitude Day 8 and Day 9

Whoops.  I forgot about my gratitude post yesterday!  Well, no one's perfect, right?  Well, these two gratitude posts are related to each other anyway, so I guess it works out that I'm posting them together.

I want to say that I'm thankful for my body.  Despite the fact that I don't feed it as well as I should, am overweight, have awful treats me well.  I can walk, jump, run, type, and I'm rediscovering my muscles.  My heart beats, my lungs breathe, my brain blessed am I!  I have strong feet and legs, a butt that won't quit, a uterus which birthed three children, breasts that fed those children, arms which can hug, snuggle, hold groceries and babies.  I have hands which type, therefore supporting my family, which make meals, can sew, draw, paint, take pictures.  I have a mostly strong back, ears that can hear, eyes that can still see (thank you, glasses!) and hair which people envy.  Yes, my body is a gift and it's my job to love it!

Which leads me to what I'm thankful for next: exercise!  I have not always loved exercise, and I still can't say that I love it.  But I am thankful that I'm getting back on that bandwagon.  I have kept up on my running for a few months now...getting better at it.  Now I started Kettleworx and my goodness it is kicking my butt, but I can feel changes.  Hoping to lose some weight before I (hopefully) get pregnant next year!

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