Monday, November 7, 2011

Gratitude Day 7

On a Monday, I find it especially apropos to choose COFFEE!  I am a coffee lover.  I mean, I. LOVE. COFFEE.  I like the way it smells, I love it's taste, I like how it makes me feel.  I like iced coffee, espresso, lattes...but my favorite way to have coffee is to brew a strong cup of Kona and add half and half.  I go through a 1/2 gallon of half and half every two weeks.  I'm ADDICTED.  It's so bad that when we run out of half and half, my kids say we're having a CODE WHITE and I will knock people down to get to Publix to buy more.  I will give up snacks, dinner, and paper towels before I give up my two to three cup a day habit. 

This morning, I got dressed to go for my run.  I ground the beans, measure the water, turned the coffee pot on, and left.  When I came back, I was tired and sweaty but all I wanted was my coffee.  I stood in the kitchen, kicked my Nikes off, and happily sighed as I sipped its warmth.  No sugar for me in my coffee, and I was like that even before I was diagnosed with diabetes.  Luckily, I haven't had to skip my habit, although my physician says I should choose decaf...but I don't even understand the point of decaf!

However, I don't just love coffee on Mondays.  I have it every day.  I had it when I was pregnant.  I've had it when I am sick.  One of my favorite things in the world is to go out with a friend, order a coffee, and sit and chat.  Even Mr. R and I do that!  What's funny is, my mom and sister do not drink coffee.  I don't know if my biological dad did.  You know who I learned my habit from?  My stepmom, Pam!  I was 14 when my little sister was born, and I spent three weeks with them the summer Kristin was born.  Pam taught me how to brew coffee, as she was up nursing the baby a lot.  That was my first experience with babies up at night; I learned to love the dark brew pretty quickly.

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