Sunday, October 9, 2011

25 Years

Yesterday, our family celebrated my mom and stepdad's 25th wedding anniversary.  Funny story I didn't find out until many years later:  Mom and George actually got married on July 9th, in a private ceremony, because George (my stepdad) was not a citizen at the time, and he was about to get deported.  So they married on July 9th secretly, and then had the wedding ceremony they'd been planning on October 11, 1986.  I didn't know until many years later.  One of my aunts was convinced that George was only marrying my mom to get a green card.  25 years later, I'm guessing he proved her wrong!

I woke up this morning to get ready for church, and Tiger is nasty sick.  He came into my room around 8:30pm last night and tried to curl up with me.  I gave him two teaspoons of tussin and put him to bed.  This morning I woke up around 7am and I can hear him coughing; he sounds like a barking seal.  I went into his room and when I cracked open the door, he cried out "Oh Mom, please let me keep sleeping!"  I touched his forehead and he's burning up; I'm guessing between 100-101 fever.  Then I walk over to Bucket and he's sleeping on the couch (his usual) and he is shivering.  I check his head; the same.  Probably less than Tiger, I'm guessing a 99-100 fever.  I grab another blanket and cover him up.  Then I check on Missy; she feels fine, but her kitten kept playing on her head all night and she's exhausted.  So I take the kitten, and shut her door.  Now the kitten is driving me crazy, instead.  So, it appears I am staying home from church.  I am making coffee, and will read my Bible instead.  I said just a few days ago that I miss being in the Word, and I guess I now have the opportunity to get cozy and dive right in.

Oh.  I cut my hair.  Again.  But this time, I did it myself!

I have bangs!

Look, I eat salad!
Well, my coffee is ready.  Time to find my glasses, grab the inspired Word of God, and spend some time with Him this morning.  Have a blessed day, friends!

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