Friday, October 7, 2011

I Just Can't Keep Up

I get the distinct feeling that unless I hire a chef, a maid, or a clone, that it's going to be this way for quite a while.  I feel like I'm drowning in STUFF TO DO, and I don't like it...not one bit!  Even this weekend, there is literally not one part of it that is not planned out.  Of course, it's filled with things I like, so hard to complain there.  On Saturday afternoon, my mom and stepdad are throwing an anniversary party for themselves.  I can't believe they've been married 25 years already!  I'll definitely be taking some pictures of that.  On Sunday, we have church, and then I'm supposed to stay afterwards for a student leaders meeting.  Which I suppose would be nice except I haven't been faithfully attending Wednesday night services like I said I would.  Last Wednesday afternoon, when I reminded the kids that we had church, the sad response of tired kids made the decision for me.  We stayed home.  I think Missy went to bed at 7pm.  Tiger may have followed suit a half hour later.  I played chess with Bucket and just talked.  It was nice.

For the first time in six weeks, Mr. R finally got paid today (thank you, thank you, THANK YOU LORD) so I am going to go grocery shopping and catch up on this enormous stack of bills sitting on my desk.  I also have a filthy desk to clean, my bathroom needs a good scrubbing, and I really want to bake some pumpkin bread and muffins for the kids to use as snacks next week. 

To my own dismay, I find myself not spending any time in The Word except on Sundays.  I feel like a am a complete hypocrite.  Been done with college for 6 months now and have not gotten any better about my Bible reading, although I did add exercise to my daily schedule, and have been mostly faithful with that for about two months.  I feel like I have scheduled myself into oblivion and know I need to add this as well. 

Work has stressed me out completely.  I applied for another job at the hospital, even though I said I wouldn't.  And so far, I've head nothing, which could be a good thing.  The post is now closed, which means that there are can be no further applicants.  When I click on the post, it says that my application is under consideration, which is the furthest I've gotten so far in this application process here at the hospital.  I am thinking about going out this weekend and purchasing a suit in case I get an interview next week.  All I own are dresses, which are really great, but not interview-ish or businessy.  They're pretty.  Pretty does not equal interview, in my eyes.  And I will get a pant suit to hide my leg tattoo.  Gotta play the game, I guess.

I just re-read this (which, by the way, has taken me about an hour to type out because I'm working and I'm doing this while on hold and listening to bad music) and it sounds whiny, which I swear isn't like me at all.  I like being known for my cheerful, quirky, and upbeat attitude.  But when something which takes 40 hours of your week is a drain, it drains more than that 40 hours.  It drains YOUR LIFE. 

Trying to keep my mind off my troubles, I've decided to decorate the front porch/door area for Halloween.  I usually don't, but I've decided to give out candy this year.  With my youngest being 13, even if they decide to go trick or treating, don't really need me to go with them.  They can stay within a four block radius and go by themselves.  I've found that doing something creative keeps my brain happy and not thinking about insurance.  But I won't be doing scary Halloween stuff, like witches or spiders.  I'm going to keep it harvest and autumn related instead so I can keep it all up until Thanksgiving.  Maybe I'll even take some before and after shots.  Yeah, a project.  That's what I need.  A project!

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D'Rae said...

Hang in there! things will get better! Trust me, I know all about scheduling issues! I am actually working on a post that's like a day in my life post. But covering a few days instead. I don't know how I get things done!