Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

I wish I had something...anything...interesting to report, but I don't!  I just keep swimming, or treading water as they say.  I'm praying for cooler temperatures to grace our area, but we are still in the mid 90s to nearly 100 heat index.  I'm sick of my clothes, sick of my makeup sliding off my face, sick of sweating when I walk to the mailbox!

So my simple outfit posts seem boring to me lately.  What I wouldn't do to wear a sweater or my boots.  But since dying of heat exhaustion is not on my to-do list, I'll skip it for now.

My mom made those earrings!

This is such a sweet dress from Avenue, which I bought in 2009.  Unfortunately, every time I wear it, someone "congratulates" me on being pregnant.  So I generally only wear it in the house.  But I hadn't done laundry in nearly two weeks (still haven't actually) and so I wore this.  And almost right away, got a pregnancy comment.  Saving this for maternity wear or inside-the-house wear.

Still getting used to this new hair.

My double chin and I say hello!

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