Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nutmeg and Cooler Temps

I woke up this morning and it was 57 degrees outside!  GLORIOUS!  It was so nice out, we walked to church instead of driving.  I should walk more anyway, we live less than 1/2 mile from church.  We got there in maybe 15 minutes?

That's some bright sunlight over my shoulder!

Well, I'd like to introduce you to Nutmeg.  Nutmeg is about three months old.  At first, I thought we were going to have to return her.  She hissed at everyone, including the three other cats, and was completely unfriendly.  But I insisted on giving her some time to adjust, and I'm so glad I did.  What a loving little peanut she is!  She doesn't meow much, but she makes these adorable little throaty noises; I call them "velociraptor" noises because it reminds me of the sound those dinosaurs made in Jurassic Park before they ripped your heads off.  She does meow at the door when Missy leaves for school, but then we get snuggly and cohabit my office most of the day.  I just adore her.

My windows are open on a gloriously sunny day!
I tried to use a scarf as a belt, but I think I need more practice.
Walking to church, on a beautiful day!
I decided on this cooler than usual (but not cold) day to wear my gray dress with my lime green knit blazer.  I put it on, and immediately pulled it off.  Still too hot for knit blazers.  So I wore the gray dress with my gray shoes, and tied my scarf around my waist.  I deleted the one full body shot I took.  It was THAT BAD.  It's a shame, I like the dress.  But it's designed for someone with a different shape than me.  I do believe I'm going to sell a few dresses.  I have a few that I wear constantly, and then some I never wear at all.  So be prepared, I'm going to put a few up for sale and give my readers the first shot.  But until then, here's what I wore today (from the neck up.)

I think I'm going to grow my hair out again.  I covet short hair, but after a few attempts, it's just not really me.  Luckily, my hair grows super fast. 
This will be one of the dresses I sell.  It doesn't have any tags in it, but it does have a built in slip in black which I really like because it cuts down on bulk.


Kelly said...

Your hair is so pretty! I'm going to try, after our trip, to grow my hair to my shoulders. We'll see how it goes.

I covet your glorious sunshine! Gosh do I live in the wrong state. It's in the 40s here today, and pouring down rain, and I refuse to turn on my furnace this early in the year! And it's going to be in the upper 60s and sunny next week (at least they say. I hope they are right with the sunny...this has been the wettest fall and we already had the wettest spring). But it's damp and cold and only 62 in the house....everybody is freezing.

Anyway....Nutmeg is a cutie. We got a new kitten a few weeks ago. I love her.

Sarah R said...

Aw, thanks Kelly. I really do like my hair. I always felt a kinship to "Jo" in Little Women because while she wasn't the prettiest person, she had great hair. I completely relate to her! I colored it about three weeks ago, my grays are already starting to peek through near my temples. Not too happy about that! LOL. I'm sorry your weather is so lousy. It was a glorious weekend here but I hear we're slated for rain all next weekend.