Friday, September 23, 2011

Digging My Hole

I will never, ever complain about going back to school to get my degree.  But now student loan payments are upon me, and I still have the same job I did before.  Am I grateful to have a job?  Yes.  Am I blessed to have one which allows me to work from home?  YES!!  Am I still wanting to do something new?  Sigh...yes.

I've applied for many jobs at the hospital.  Either I've been turned down before I even get to interview, the position closed, or I decided the hours were not beneficial for my family.  I guess I've been spoiled by working from home for so long.  While I don't mind going in for department meetings and seeing everyone now and then, I have no desire to drive in 5 days a week and waste $75 on fuel weekly for the pleasure of wearing real clothes in front of actual people.  No, I think working from home is pretty much it for me.  Plus, we are having this reversal in January; I could be a new mama by the end of 2012!  I don't want to put a baby in daycare.

I've been thinking about becoming a medical transcriptionist in addition to coding.  Another work at home job for the most part, and hopefully won't take me very long to do.  I haven't even researched how much it costs or where I can go to take classes; all I know is, I am extremely burnt out in the position I have now.  One of my coworkers called in sick today and I burst into tears, knowing that I was going to fall behind in my own work so I could cover for her.  And when I can actually feel my blood pressure rise every time I hear my email "ding" at me, I'm thinking the game is up and I need to move on.  However, I can't just walk away; I have three kiddos depending on me, plus I cover medical insurance for the family.  I'm trying to be practical.

I have a few good things going for me, as far as transcription goes.  One, I'm a very fast typist...between 85-95 correct words per minute.  Two, I'm an excellent speller.  Three, I know medical terminology already. 

What it boils down to is, I'm trying to make good choices for my family, present and future.  I like being home.  I love not driving to work when it's raining.  I love drinking my coffee and going for my run/walk/wobbles in the morning.  I love doing laundry in the middle of the day instead of having to wait until the weekend to do it all.  Now, I don't mind going in to train at a location, but my ultimate goal is to be at home.  I feel this is where I belong!

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Jennifer M. said...

Good! Keep that goal in mind and don't settle. You sound pretty stressed out in the current position that you're in. That's a sure sign that it's not quite the right fit for you.

Don't feel bad about continuing to look for something new/better! You only have one life to live, so there's no sense in doing a job that makes you miserable.