Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm With The Band

When I was in high school (late 80s, early 90s) the coolest girls were dating musicians.  I, of course, was one of these girls...every guy I dated was a tortured (and broke) musician, including the one I married, Mr. R. While I wouldn't consider myself a musician, I do actually love to sing and love all types of music.  I can also attend a concert and tell when one musician in an entire orchestra messes up.  So I guess I do have an ear for understanding and appreciating music.  So it is really no surprise to Mr. R or me that one of our kids is also a musician...and that is Tiger.

Here he is, playing alto sax for his first high school performance:

The performance was moved from the normal Friday to Wednesday due to a hurricane we didn't even get.  So their uniforms were not ready yet.  That's why they're all wearing tees and jeans.

The band this year is doing songs by The Beatles.  Tiger is not a fan.  But yet he learned all the songs...could not be prouder.

Getting ready for half time show, again no one was ready due to new students, and having to perform earlier than expected, so it was quite jumbled up.

I can't wait to see them actually marching, but that will be next week.

Tubas are heavy!
I haven't updated much in a while, so thought I'd fill you guys in on a few things:

1)  I've got a measly $50 saved up for the reversal.  That is only 1% of what I need.  Fail.
2)  For those who may have thought it, I'm setting the record straight now: Mr. R is not a bad parent for not wanting Bucket to be on the meds.  He is simply concerned about how these medications will impact his growth and how safe they really are; many of them have not been tested on children.  He is not wanting Bucket to suffer.
3)  I have applied for several jobs at the hospital and cannot even get an interview.  I have been personally quite discouraged lately.  I may take a break from applying, maybe until after the reversal in January.
4)  I have not done anything to my hair, mostly because my hospital is very conservative about what you do, and I wanted to wait until after I scored an interview to do my hair.  But now I may do it anyway.  I need a pick me up, and having a good cut and color could make me feel better.
5)  I have started doing Couch to 5K, and I am clearly going to need more than 2 months to teach myself to run 3 miles.  I can barely do the 60 seconds of jogging that the first week requires.  Luckily, I am not in a competition with anyone but myself, and don't mind doing the first week again next week.

So.  What's up with you guys?


Kelly said...

I have an internet friend that finished C25K last week. It took her 2 years. Pace yourself :)

I was wondering how your reversal plans were going. I pray it all works out. I know that desire quite well.

I am sitting around having side effects from the rabies vaccines I am getting. I get another one tomorrow; yeah me LOL.

Doug was home every day last week. He covered a guy's run while he was on vacation; lucky guy is high up in seniority and comes home every morning. So he came home, slept and we had dinner together every night as a family! I could sure get used to that. Sadly, this week it's back to being gone all week.

I'm driving 7 hours round trip on Tues. to go to the Toledo Zoo to spend the day with our friends from MI. They only have a 5 hour drive lol. I'll be doing this as long as my side effects aren't totally awful or my girlfriend comes along and does the driving.

I have an interview Monday morning with WW to start training for leadership. I am excited and nervous all at the same time.

Sarah R said...

Kelly! You'd be so awesome at WW leadership! That's just perfect for you. And yes, isn't it nice when our guys are home like normal people? Mr. R has been home for a week due to repairs for his truck, and I have loved it. But now I will be super sad when he leaves because he will likely be gone for an entire month to make up for time. I'm so over trucking!
And rabies shots...I was wondering how you were doing with those. I am SO SORRY you are suffering with those!