Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Had A Rough Week

Sahaana, I know the pictures didn't upload last week; I have no idea what happened, but I'll repost.  Thanks for letting me know!

I still have not cut my hair.  I think you'll be able to tell from the pictures I'm posting today.  Ponytail and barrettes are back in effect.  When I have third grade hair, it's time for a trim!
I didn't post much last week.  Work has been crazy.  One of my coworkers was on vacation, and then another coworker's mom had a stroke and then she missed time too.  I love helping my coworkers, don't get me wrong, but that means my work gets neglected.  Then I feel rushed, hurried and out of control.  No one is on vacation next week, so I will finally be able to concentrate on my own work.  Plus...the kids are back at school tomorrow.

Here is what I wore to church today.

My striped Merona shirt, black lace tank top from WalMart, and my black cotton gypsy skirt from WalMart.  Also, my open toe black shoes from Target.  Blue crystal pendant from Target.  I think the only places I shop are WalMart and Target?

I think I need a new bra.  Am I lopsided here?  I assure you, that of the many issues I have, my girls are both the same size.  Am I slouching?  I don't think I am?

I am laughing pretty hard here because Tiger is doing the Running Man behind Missy as she takes my picture.  Today was a good morning.

But was bad.  I had to leave early to take Bucket to middle school to get his schedule and pick up old report cards.  Then we went to his psych doctor.  I left in tears.  Besides, his diagnosis of autism, we have now added General Anxiety Disorder, attention deficit disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and "attention to thrive physiologically."  I don't understand why, I don't know God's plan for my Bucket, but all I know is that whatever he does, it will be exponentially harder for him than it will be for others.  I am not sure I will ever understand it.  All I know is, I'll be here to guide him as best as I can, to make good decisions for him until he is capable (if that ever happens.)  Mr. R and I are fighting over his meds right now.  The doctor prescribed an anti-anxiety med for Bucket.  Mr. R says no...I say, let's give it a shot and see what happens.  I can tell Bucket is super anxious.  He has chewed his bottom lip into a pulverized mess of skin and picks at his skin constantly.  He also has tics a lot.  I don't want to go behind Mr. R's back, but I don't want to turn my back on Bucket.  Please pray for me to make a good decision for my son.  I hate medications, I truly do.  I just love my kiddo so much.


Jill said...

go with your instincts.

D'Rae said...

I'll be praying for the right actions for Bucket. Whatever is right will happen.

I really like that top, it is super cute!

Kelly said...

Praying for you Sarah ::HUG::

I have that same chocolate brown.