Sunday, July 24, 2011

Middle School Boys

For the past two weeks, the middle school boys teacher has not shown up to teach at our church.  For the first week, he was away doing sleepaway camp, but we were in Tampa so I didn't know about it.  The second week, he just didn't show....he told me to today that he simply overslept.  I like the middle school teacher a lot.  He's 25 and really has a heart for kids, seeing as how he's the oldest of 6 kids.  I ended up teaching last week, which was a total disaster because 1) I wasn't prepared 2) My own children are in that class, and I don't like teaching a class where my own kids are, because they don't tend to participate.  However, not knowing what was going on with the teacher, I created a lesson, just in case he was a no show again.  One of the other kid's pastors must have noticed what was going on, because he ended up staying in the class with me, and then the normal teacher showed up about 20 minutes late.  I was already in the midst of my lesson, so I continued and Mr. Teacher will just have to use his lesson next week.

I look like crap today.  Wanna see?

Decided to part my hair in the middle to avoid the crazy piece of hair.  After seeing these pics, I know remember why I don't part my hair in the middle.

Despite the double triple chin action, I like this profile shot.

I wore my Target necklace set again.  And my dark pink Merona dress, and my pink and purple striped tank from WalMart.

Middle school boys don't scare me.

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Jennifer M. said...

I like that outfit! It makes you look glowing and confident. ;)