Saturday, July 23, 2011

Birthday Lunch

I went to lunch with my sister today at Olive Garden.  Olive Garden is not a great choice when it's your first day back doing Atkins.  However, I managed to do quite well.  I had three bowls of salad (I absolutely LOVE OG salad, their dressing is tops!) grilled chicken and veggies, with two glasses of lemon water.

I intended to take pics, but my sister wasn't having it.  She is in the middle of closing on a house and is completely stressed out.  I took pictures of me instead.

This humidity...and that one piece of defiant hair over my right driving me crazy.

Looking forward to spending time with my sister!

Pewter mani pedi, pewter shoes. 

Me in my office.

I love this cute Target necklace and earring set.  It was $12!

Ok, piece of hair.  You may have won today, but I'm going to grow you out and pull you back very, very soon!

Off to Olive Garden!  Happy 34th birthday to my sister Kelly!

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Jennifer M. said...

Don't take this the wrong way, but from what I've read, Atkins is probably the most unhealthy diet you can possibly eat. Basically it's eliminating all fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains (these things should be the bulk of a healthy diet) and gorging on fats and animal proteins (which should be used only sparingly in a healthy diet).

I think the reason this diet has become so popular is because it lets you lose a lot of water weight right at the onset of it. In the long run though, it doesn't really promote a healthy balance in your body, which makes it hard to maintain the weight loss.

The "best" diet, from what I can gather, is to simply eliminate processed foods and to make sure to eat tons of fruits and vegetables and whole-grains. The natural fiber in these helps regulate blood sugar and the natural nutrients helps your body feel full and fulfilled without all the extra preservatives that processed food has in it.

The best book I've read on this subject is In Defense of Food. It's a really simple read. Basically he says, "Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants." His theory is that most of what we eat in the Western world is not actually food, but instead is just a blend of chemicals and preservatives that try to pass for food. He says that returning to a more natural, balanced diet of "foods that your grandmother would recognize" can go a long way towards being healthy, maintaining a healthy weight, and eliminating "Western diseases" like diabetes, heart disease, and tooth decay. He says that in a lot of places in the world, people eat local, natural foods and consequently have never heard of a lot of these diseases that we take for granted. He says it all comes back to our diets and all the crap we've been eating for years.

Anyway, sorry to be so long-winded. I'm totally not the poster child for eating a healthy diet, but I've been really trying lately and have been reading a lot on the subject. I'm almost done with that book actually, so I could mail it to you when I'm done, if you like.