Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 3

Day 3 of our vacation was Monday, July 11th.  We let the kids sleep in after the long exciting day at Busch Gardens.  The hotel had a pretty good continental breakfast from 6:30 to 9:30.  My body gets up at 7am whether I like it or not.  I hopped up to get some vittles.  Mr. R begrudgingly joined me.  This was the day, honestly, that I was the most excited about.  We were going to meet the vasectomy reversal doctor to see if Mr. R was a candidate for the procedure.  We left the kids in the hotel to watch TV and eat...and we had our appointment at 1pm.

The doctor was super nice.  He asked us how many children we had together (3), the age of our youngest (13), our ages (38 and 36) and how many years we had been together as a couple (21.)  Then he burst out laughing and asked us why we wanted more children when we had teenagers together: "You have three teenagers and you aren't crazy yet?"  LOL...we get this a lot.  Then he examined Mr. R...apparently you can feel when directly palpating the scrotum, where the vasectomy incision is.  It had never occurred to me to try and find it.  On one side, there is a centimeter between the two parts of the vas deferens, and on the other, only 1/2 of a centimeter.  Doctor said Mr. R was an excellent candidate.  We, as a couple, only have a 50/50 chance due to our age (mostly mine, actually) and the amount of years since the initial vasectomy, which was 13 years ago.  By the way, do you know what's weird?  Watching a total stranger, who happens to be a man, touching your husband's private parts.  I had to turn around.  It was too weird for me.  We are scheduled for the vasectomy reversal on June 12, 2012.  However, we are on the waiting list to go earlier, but not before January.  We still need $4000 to pay for this.  I should be getting around $2000 on Dec. 31 when I get my end of the year pay out.  That gives me a few months to put cash away, in case they call us before June 12.  Plus, Mr. R's mom will have to come to the house to watch the kids (Mr. R is not interested in having the kids around while he's recovering from scrotal surgery...cannot blame him one bit.)  Plus hotel room for another three days in Tampa.  At this point, I am thinking we need right around $5000 more to make it all happen.  Ai yi yi.

Well, we did other things besides seeing scrotum doctors.  (I like the word's funny to me.  lol)  We went to Clearwater Beach!
We didn't stay very long.  First, the water was filled with tons of sea grass.  Mr. R complained that he felt sticky when he got out.  Remember, this is the Gulf of Mexico, where the oil spill was a year ago.  We only spent two hours here and gave up.  Besides, the charge to park was ridiculous.  $2.75 an hour!  In Daytona, you can park on the beach for $5 all day!

I am forever a beach girl; however I don't think I'm a Clearwater Beach girl.

He looks thrilled to be with us.  The only thing Bucket bought on vacation were these aviator glasses...HE. LOVES. THEM.  So much that he wore them everywhere we went, even at night, in dark places.  He bumped into lots of walls.  But it was ok...he looked cool.

I'm wearing the only thing Tiger bought for the vacation; this ridiculous Mountain Dew hat.  You can see, it's about to storm behind me.

Random beach shot.
 We finished out our day with a free slurpee at 7-11.  Actually, I did not, they're full of sugar.  Missy got a Coke slurpee, Tiger got cherry, and Bucket got a mix of sour apple and raspberry.  It was a good day!


Kelly said...

Oh Sarah, I am so happy for you guys!

I've researched and researched that surgery and was so sad when we never had it done. Now I'm researching abdominal reconstruction/skin removal surgery after losing 40% of your body weight, which is what I will be at in 11.8 more pounds. Crazy!

I'm loving your vacation pictures.

Sarah R said...

What an amazing accomplishment, Kelly! Down here, they have something called a "Mommy makeover" which is a tummy tuck, and different parts of lipo (wherever you need it) and laser ablation of the face, and it's like 20G. I'd do it in a fast second.

Jennifer M. said...

Wow that's a lot of money! And I suppose none of it is covered by insurance?

Sarah R said...

No, Jen, none of it is covered by insurance. However, (and I find this odd) we can claim it on our taxes because it is "correcting a disability." So we can claim our gas mileage, our hotel, and the doctor fees. Isn't that just the weirdest thing. We actually checked with our accountant!