Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 2

On Sunday, we went to Busch Gardens.  I've lived in Central Florida for nearly 24 years now, and this was my first trip to BG.  It was FUN!  Very well laid out, and the lines were not awful.  Unable to take pictures on any of the rides of course.  Here is what I can share with you:

The cheetah enclosure in front of the...wait for it....cheetah ride.  I didn't get on.  Only because I was carrying my bag with my diabetes crap in it, and everyone ran to the line and I got detained.  So I ended up waiting an hour.  I was TICKED. 

A beautiful snake in the zoo portion.  Very glad he's behind glass.

These would be frogs.  I LOVE FROGS.  I think they are just the cutest!

As Bucket candidly remarked, "HEY MOM.  THAT KANGAROO IS A BOY."  Of course he said this in his OUTDOOR VOICE in front of many people.  I love that boy.

Do not feed kangaroos while standing on your head!  It's dangerous!

Typical Florida...flamingoes!

After walking around the park in the heat for a few hours, the boys got on Sheikra, and Missy and I needed a sit.  I had to check my sugar and rest my poor feeties. 

I didn't ride, but I got a cup to prove....nothing.

Check me out!  Skirt with bicycle shorts underneath.  Worked like a charm, no chub rub for me!

Do I look like a tourist?  Sure.  Do I care?  Not even a little.

Busch Gardens, this was the nastiest part of the day.  Sitting down to have lunch and this guy actually ran within three feet of my legs.  Yes, that's a RAT.  Please, get an exterminator!  How disgusting!


Jennifer M. said...

Oh those cheetahs are cute!!

Sarah R said...

I know it. I can totally understand why they are killed for the skins. I wouldn't do it, of course, but they're so beautiful.