Sunday, June 5, 2011

This Liar Went to Church

I love my church so much!  They truly are a family to me.  Many times I will call a church member if I have a problem, before I call someone in my own family.  It is such a blessing to be a member of the Body of Christ!  I love Jesus, and I love His Word; but you know what, I'm still a sinner in need of grace.  I lied to you guys.  I did.  Because guess what:  I bought a new dress, right after I said I wasn't going to buy any more clothes!  But it was red and on sale; and it's so comfy and I love it!  I'm so glad God forgives me when I lie and sin and do stupid things!  Wanna see my new dress?

Red, cute, and....maternity.  Can you tell?  I swear I couldn't.  I tried it on and loved it, and then noticed when I looked at the tag.  I almost put it back...and then thought, you know, can you really tell it's maternity?  It is lightweight, comfy, a beautiful rich color, and I love the neckline.  I didn't have to wear a tank with it!

I wore my fabulous red wedges with my fabulous Target clearance rack maternity dress. 

Ummm...I also bought the cardigan.  But seriously, it was on clearance too, and it's such a great buy!  I will use it for a long time, as long as I don't spill anything on it.


I also took pictures of Missy and Tiger.  Bucket was not having it.  Which is really a shame because he looked cute this morning. 

His shirt says "I would lift weights if they weren't so heavy."  Ah, sarcasm.  He is fluent.

Someone is learning to pose like her mama.

I may have to steal this top from her, now that I think about it.
And last but not least:

Where is my dinner, human?!?!

I see you putting dirty dishes in this box thingy here, lady, but I am wondering where the vittles are.

If you don't feed me, I'm gonna poop in your shoe.  Oh, wait, I did that already.  Can I eat anyway?


Taylor said...

Ha! to the weights shirt. I have been trying to teach my 6 year-old sarcasm for like 4 years. So far it is lost on him.

I love that dress and I never would have been able to tell it was maternity had you not said anything. I, too, was drawn to the clearance racks this morning at Target (no kids so I took my sweeeet time) but ended up getting two pairs of shorts ($12 a piece on sale) and a black maxi dress ($24). First maxi dress I have EVER liked on me; I couldn't *not* get it!

Sarah R said...

I can't wait to see the maxi dress on you. I like maxis in theory. But at only 5 foot 4, I feel very stumpy when I wear them.
No one at church today asked me when I was due, so I guess that was a good sign, that no one else could tell.

Kelly said...


I went to church today, too, and wore a new dress. It is so adorable! I felt pretty, and it was nice to be in church. We've not attended church for quite a good while.

Jennifer M. said...

"Where is my dinner, human?!?!" Lol - that's hilarious. That's pretty much how my cat looks at me, too. Like, "Serve me, human! What's taking you so long?"

You know, your description of your church body reminds me of my old church in Portland. I miss them all so much! They loved me, challenged me, accepted me, and were in every way a family to me. I've been struggling to find a similar church here, but haven't so far. :( Hopefully God will point me in the right direction soon!

I tried a new church today and really liked the sermon. I'll have to go back next week to a Sunday School class or Bible study to see how more interactions with the people are. It always kills me when you find a great church but then discover that the people are snooty or uppity. I seem to be finding that a lot in this town, for some reason. I miss the love and reaching out that my old church had!

D'Rae said...

Love that dress! It looks fab on you!

ps. you totally cannot tell that it's maternity. I would have never known!

K said...

That dress is a great color! It was totally a worthy buy. Then again I just bought a Target maternity dress, so I'm a good enabler. :)

hapi said...

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