Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Disappointed in AHIMA

I took my CCA exam way back on April 9, 2011.  I didn't realize at the time that it was a brand new test and that my results would not be immediately available to me, even though I paid full price for the test and all other students received their results instantly.  I was told that it would take 6-8 weeks to get my results.

Well, still nothing.  I realize I am still within that time frame (this is my SEVENTH WEEK) but I am incredibly disappointed in this organization.  First of all, there was nothing indicating that this was a brand new test for coders; if so, I would have chosen a different date.  Second, if this is a new test, there should be a discount, especially if immediate results are not available.  $300 for a test is not cheap, and making people wait nearly two months for something which is normally automatic is awful. 

My student membership expired back on April 30, 2011, and I was so upset with AHIMA that I chose not to renew.  I also left a message on their facebook page, and it was deleted!  Of course, all the posts praising AHIMA are still there, but mine is gone.  No one from the lofty organization chose to even email me back to see if they could help me. 

So I would say to anyone who is in the Health Information field, to not renew with AHIMA.  I'm going to enroll in the AAPC instead.  Considering I am only 36 and generally have about 30 working years ahead of me, that's a lot of enrollment fees AHIMA will be missing.  I don't ask much; don't mislead me, don't take my money and ignore me, and let's try some customer service, shall we?

**edit.  I decided to call AHIMA to ask.  It's actually going to take LONGER than the 8 weeks they told me.  Now it's going to be "middle of June."  Yeah.   **

***edit again.  AHIMA deleted me from their facebook page.  They did finally answer my question on their page, but did not directly email or contact me.  They also deleted my second post, asking why they deleted my first post when I asked about my results!  Their response on their facebook page now states "90 days" which is much longer than I was initially told.  ***


D'Rae said...

You need to twitter about it as well. Find out if they have a twitter handle and post your disappointment. Don't stop till you get this resolved. You paid good money for that test and deserve the results.

Sarah R said...

Good idea, D'Rae. Also the fact that I am getting conflicting advice as well. I was first told 6-8 weeks, now their site says 90 days. 8 weeks, times 7, would only be 56 days. They are essentially doubling the time to give results to people who may be desperately job hunting right now. I am blessed in that I already have a job and can take my time. But what about those who can't wait three months?

Jennifer M. said...

Holy crap - that is so rude! I agree - Twitter about it and post their @name in your tweet (not at the beginning of the tweet though or no one else will see it).

Anonymous said...

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