Friday, April 22, 2011

Doing the Limbo

Oh my goodness, NO.  Not in real life.  I don't bend that way.

I feel like I'm just waiting around now.  I graduate next week...Praise the Lord!  Still waiting on the results of my CCA exam, which should take about another month to get here.  I can't apply for anything until I know if I passed or not.

The kids are done with school at the end of May.  Tiger may be joining the football team, but not sure yet.  He also has band, too.  Missy is hoping to get a job.  And Bucket.  There is always Bucket.

I applied for a job for Mr. R.  It's local (Daytona Beach) and I am PRAYING that he gets it.  And it's with a real company, not some guy who has beat up, broken down trucks and wants you sit in them with no air conditioning for 5 hours without getting paid.  A real job, with real pay, and benefits!

I don't think I ever told you guys what happened with my MIL.  She has been very, very ill.  Unfortunately, it is of the mental kind.  She was Baker Acted twice (that is when the state basically takes custody of you because you are a danger to yourself or society) and for a few weeks, we couldn't get in touch with her.   Mr. R was so worried and there was nothing we could do about it.  Because she didn't tell the hospital that we *could* contact her, we were banned.  HIPAA laws sound pretty awesome until they work against you.  Well, the MIL's boyfriend was finally approved for social security disability for obesity (can you believe that?!?!) and now...well, he doesn't need her money anymore.  Do you see where I'm going with this?  Mr. R and I, along with Mr. R's younger sister, are convinced that as soon as he gets his back pay, he is going to leave Granny high and dry, along with Mr. R's brother who is also mentally incompetent.  That leaves us to handle the care of two people who really cannot care for themselves.  This is so much work.  Mr. R may have to obtain power of attorney over both of them, in order to make medical and financial decisions for both of them.  Because Mr. R and I won't be depending on that money to care for ourselves (like the boyfriend has been) we are a logical choice to be in charge of their bank accounts and distribution of funds.  And there is no way that Mr. R can handle stuff like this while he is over the road; he HAS to come off the road in order to care for his family. 

So hmph.  Enough of that.  Wanna see something I bought at Goodwill about a month ago?

Do you think this is authentic Louis Vuitton?  I think it could be.  It certainly caught my eye.

It says "Louis Vuitton, Made in France."  Do you think that if it were really made in France, it would be know...French?

"Made in France" again.

And yes.  I did buy it for $4.99.  The inside is spotless, too.

I looked at a few bags on eBay, and I tell you...if this is a fake, it's a good one.  The pattern is exactly the same!
So, for any of my bag collecting bloggers out there...did I find a gem, or did I pay $4.99 for just a good copy?


D'Rae said...

I am praying that all goes well for you and your family. I

I don't know about the purse. I am not familiar with that brand. I do say that it looks like a very good fake if it is a fake. It looks very real to me.

Sarah R said...

Most of my friends on fb agree that it's a very good fake. A bit bummed, but still, it's fooling lots of people!
Thank you for the prayers regarding the family. It is so much pressure on my husband. So many people need him; me, the kids, his mom, his brother. It is a lot for one person to handle, and I give him props for being man enough to do it. We just have to get him home!

Anonymous said...


I am applying for a 5 year masters - only 2 yrs to go...

Anonymous said...

i guess it would help if i could spell.

Taylor said...

Oh, sheesh. What a headache. Family issues are NEVER easy. You have a lot on your plate, lady! I hope your husband gets the local job...

Who cares if it's a fake - it's an awesome bag for $5! (This coming from a girl currently carrying a gorgeous but very, very fake Prada bag in a pale pink.)

Sarah R said...

Taylor, I really hope so too. I miss having him around on a regular basis.
I'm with you...I'm totally in love with the bag. I even offered to let my daughter have it and since it wasn't real, she didn't want it. Hmph. And where is the picture of your bag? I don't think you take too many pictures of those?
Laura (anon)...congrats! I am not interested in going any further at this time. Maybe in the future, but not now.

Jennifer M. said...

Oh my. That's weird about obesity being a category that they can collect social security under. How strange.

Sarah R said...

Jen, I thought it was weird, too. And my MIL was super excited, because she called me and said, "Sarah, you should quit your job, now you can get social security too!" Uhhhh, no. I'm super happy that you guys think I'm fat enough to depend on hard working taxpayers for my kibble, but I think I'll just keep working. Thanks.